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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Roosevelt Island Resident Bob Ingersole To Be Inducted Into The Eastern Tennis Hall Of Fame - He's Director Of Tennis At West Side Tennis Club, Formerly Director At Roosevelt Island Racquet Club

Roosevelt Island resident Bob Ingersole will be inducted into the Eastern Tennis Hall Of Fame on April 24.

Image Of Bob Ingersole From Eastern Tennis Hall Of Fame

Mr. Ingersole was formerly Director of the Roosevelt Island Racquet Club for 13 years prior to his current position as Director Of Tennis at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills.

According to the Eastern Tennis Hall Of Fame:
The Junior Tennis Foundation (JTF) will recognize Bob Ingersole, of Roosevelt Island, N.Y., on Friday, April 24, 2015 at 7 p.m. during the 28th Annual Eastern Tennis Hall of Fame celebration at the Beach Point Club in Mamaroneck, N.Y.

Ingersole, director of tennis at The West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills, N.Y., has devoted his life to the sport he began playing at age five. The Sydney, Australia native currently lives on Roosevelt Island, N.Y., and is responsible for one of the most historic tennis facilities in the United States.

In 1976, Ingersole moved to New York, where met his wife-to-be, Dina, on his first day in the City. It didn’t take long for Ingersole to make his mark in tennis in the U.S. He worked at the Bonnie Briar Tennis Club in Larchmont, N.Y., then he and his wife ran their own club in Connecticut. Ingersole later became the tennis director at Roosevelt Island Racquet Club for 13 years. During that time, Ingersole trained several nationally ranked juniors, and quickly learned that, for him, it was more than just teaching tennis.

Ingersole went on to join the Eastern Junior Competition Committee, and then on to hold a variety of volunteer positions at USTA Eastern. He served on Eastern’s board of directors for 16 years as president, vice president, regional president, treasurer and delegate (twice). In addition to his positions on the board, Ingersole was chair of the Junior Competition Committee and chair of Eastern’s Coaches Commission.

At the national level, Ingersole chaired the USTA Nominating Committee, was a member of the USTA Junior Competition Committee for 28 years and has represented Eastern at the International Tennis Federation.

“I thought I was making a difference,” Ingersole said. “I am paying back to the game that I love, and the game that has been so good to me.”

Currently, Ingersole is the president of the Junior Tennis Foundation (JTF), chair of the USTA Pro Circuit Committee and on Eastern’s System Review Task Force. As the director of tennis at The West Side Tennis Club for the past 12 years, Ingersole is still providing both kids and adults with the opportunity to play.

Through Ingersole’s work at the club, he is responsible for 38 courts with four different surfaces, facility management of the more than 100-year-old facility, all scheduling, tournaments, summer and winter programs, leagues, and still finds time to teach tennis.

“I always want to be part of the tennis community,” Ingersole said. “I think I still have a lot to contribute and I am ready and raring for more.”

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