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Monday, June 1, 2015

Roosevelt Island Manhattan Park Management Orders No Ball Playing On Lawn Last Week - Today Policy Is Being Reevaluated

Roosevelt Island's Manhattan Park Management recently banned the long time practice of ball playing on the nice big green lawn in front of the 10-40 River Road buildings. Residents were informed by a new No Ball Playing Sign placed on the lawn. An unhappy Manhattan Park parent reports:

... the ridiculousness of this sign, freshly appeared in the Manhattan park lawn? Just last month management had sent a note to all tenants to remind how "writing with (kids) chalks on the sidewalks is prohibited.

Another Manhattan Park parents adds:
The new sign on the Manhattan Park lawns, adding to the fast-growing "nanny state" reputation.

According to staff it is so people can sunbathe (in the shade?) without being disturbed. Luckily, frisbees, bikes, airplanes and kites are still allowed?

Manhattan Park, Roosevelt Island. The most family friendly place in New York. As long as you don't have any sort of fun".
This morning, I asked Manhattan Park management about the new No Ball Playing on lawn policy. In response, a Manhattan Park representative said the No Ball Playing on lawn policy is being reevaluated.

Maybe you can play ball (volleyball, water polo) at Manhattan Park's Psychedelic swimming pool?