Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Roosevelt Island Assault, Burglary & Grand Larceny This Past Week - Make Sure To Keep Your Doors Locked

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Daily Incident report:

09/13/15- 1516- 455 Main St.- Assault- PSD/NYPD responded. Referred to NYPD.

09/12/15 – 1636 – 540 Main St – Burglary – PSD/NYPD responded. NYPD report filed.

09/11/15- 2024- 560 Main St.- Grand Larceny- PSD/NYPD responded. Referred to NYPD.
An NYPD Spokesperson added about the 455 Main Street assault:
On Sunday September 13, 2015 police responded to a 911 call of an assault. Victim stated that an unknown male did push the victim into a fence causing injury to the victims left wrist. Suspect is male in his 40’s. No arrests investigation ongoing.
And about the 560 Main Street Grand Larceny:
On Friday September 11, 2015 police responded to a 911 call of grand larceny. Victim states that she went shopping with a friend and when they returned, the victim was talking to a security guard and the friend left. When the victim returned to the home, they discovered her money missing and the victim's friend had left. No arrests, investigation ongoing.
NYPD had no information on the 9/12 burglary at 540 Main Street.

No additional information yet from the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department on these incidents.

An archive of past Roosevelt Island Daily Public Safety Incident Reports is maintained on Roosevelt Islander sidebar.

Yesterday, September 14, I asked RIOC Public Safety Director Jack McManus:
A resident ... contacted me last night concerned that a person knocked on her door at 11 PM claiming to be an Amazon delivery person.

She did not open the door.

I told her to contact PSD.

She contacted PSD last night. PSD said they saw a guy in a delivery uniform carrying 2 boxes but had no further information.

Do you know if this was a legitimate delivery by Amazon or was it a ruse for something else?

It seems strange to have a delivery at 11 PM on a Sunday night from Amazon.
Have not heard back from RIOC Public Safety Department yet regarding the delivery incident.

During August 11 Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Public Safety Committee meeting, I asked Director McManus and Deputy Director Lynda Marmara about past Roosevelt Island burglaries. Director McManus indicated at the meeting that there had been:
... one burglary in last three months which is very good....
Roosevelt Island Disabled Association President Jim Bates noted that he sees 20 to 25 Roosevelt Landings apartment doors always unlocked or ajar when he delivers the Wire newspaper. Mr Bates attributed the open doors to residents seeking cross ventilation but did not know for sure.

Director McManus indicated that he believes it is a good time to have a crime prevention seminar with the NYPD.

Here's the RIRA PSC burglary discussion.

Several days after the August 11 RIRA PSC meeting, the RIOC Public Safety Department reported a rash of Roosevelt Island burglaries.