Monday, October 19, 2015

Mural Artists Say Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival Is Very American, Fun And Art For The Noisy Masses - Check Out The Murals

An excellent video about the 2015 Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival from Qifan Cheung

and more scenes from the October 10 Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival.

Jeff Lee writes on his blog:
The theme for 2015 was "Roosevelt Island: Celebrating Our Past and Our Future" The image of the nurse is based on a photo of a nursing student from "Roosevelt Island (Images of America)" by Judith Berdy but I replaced her face with my grandmother's from the 1940's.

In keeping with the theme, the nurse represents the past of Roosevelt Island. In the same way that a place can be haunted by past sins and wrongdoing, it can also be "haunted" by the good things in its past. In Roosevelt Island's case, this refers to the hours of care and support given by nurses, doctors, and other caregivers over the years....
Here's more Art by Jeff Lee and all of the Roosevelt Island 2015 Fall For Arts Murals which are located at the Rivercross Lawn and next to Blackwell House.


There more on the 2015 Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival at this previous post.

The murals will eventually be exhibited at the Motorgate Art Gallery.