Friday, November 6, 2015

RIRA Island Services Committee Reports Roosevelt Island Tram Station Elevators Still A Problem, Happy Southtown Riverwalk Rats, Sportspark Inspection, Boy Scouts Re-Activation & Post Office Bike Rack Installed

 New Bike Rack At Roosevelt Island Post Office

Below is Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Island Services Committee (ISC)

report to the RIRA November Common Council:


ISC did not meet in October. Next meeting will be in mid‐November.

Tram Elevators – The old elevator was out‐of‐service a number of times in October (this seems to be never ending!). Fortunately, the back‐up Red Lift was operating, so passengers still had a way to get up and down the platform. ISC is very concerned about when and if the elevator will operate during this winter.

Work on the new elevators is still stalled until the bankruptcy issues are fully settled. It is expected that design work on this project will be able to resume sometime in November. RIOC has not issued an update on when the new elevators will be in operation. ISC’s estimate is winter, 2017.

Sportspark – Several ISC members have re‐inspected Sportspark to assess how RIOC is coming with the work needed to bring this facility up to an acceptable condition. ISC plans to meet with the appropriate RIOC officials in November to review our findings and find out the timing on all remaining upgrade projects.

Control of Rats – Commercial Trash Yard – ISC declared victory prematurely on this issue. It seems that the trash yard has returned to its previously unacceptable condition. On 2 or 3 days each week the yard is not up to Depart. Of Sanitation standards. We will meet with Related one last time before we call in the Depart. Of Sanitation and the Board of Health for help in resolving this bad situation. Meanwhile, the rats in Southtown seem happy with all the food they can get at the trash yard.

Boy Scouts – ISC is meeting with the Youth Center to see if we can develop a joint program to reactivate the Scouts on RI.

Post Office Customer Service – ISC was able to get RIOC to install a bike rack in front of the Post Office. Now bikers can protect their bikes while they conduct their business at the Post Office. Bikes are not permitted inside the facility.

Respectfully Submitted,

Aaron Hamburger, ISC Chair
UPDATE 1:45 PM - RI Long Times adds:
Ha, Ha !

This "Bike rack" is actually one of those stanchions used at parades & at police activity. I was there the day it was placed and painted AND, it is not even in front of the Post Office, but rather next to the bench at Gristedes, where bike owners cannot even see their bikes. I'm glad to see the "improvement", but as usual, RIOC's geography is a bit confused.