Thursday, January 28, 2016

Roosevelt Island Woman Punched In Face For Asking Person Walking Dog To Clean Up Dog Waste - Dogs Problems Are Getting Out Of Hand Says Resident At RIRA Public Safety Committee Meeting

A woman was punched in the face yesterday on Roosevelt Island for asking an individual walking a dog to clean up the dog waste. Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Department Deputy Director Lynda Marmara reported the incident during last evening's Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Public Safety Committee (PSC) meeting.

Here's what Deputy Director Marmara said.

PSD Deputy Director Marmara, Director Jack McManus and the RIRA PSC committee discussed RIOC dog enforcement policy and procedures regarding:

  • cleaning up dog waste,
  • keeping dogs on leash and
  • not allowing dogs on fields with No Dogs Allowed Signs
 No Dogs On Firefighters Field Sign

Deputy Director Marmara reported that Public Safety Officers must witness a person not picking up the dog waste in order to issue a summons. A picture of the occurrence is not sufficient. Only one summons has been issued in the past year for not picking up dog waste added Deputy Director Marmara. An education campaign to inform Roosevelt Island dog owners of their responsibilities was suggested by Deputy Director Marmara as a first step.

Here's the discussion from last night's PSC meeting.

A Roosevelt Island resident reported earlier this week:
I found some dog owners carelessly behave too often in this Island, especially behind of Roosevelt Landings.

... Whatever it takes, this problem has to be corrected.

I pick up some unpleasant dog's waste by myself when it's dropped middle of path, because I am afraid to step on it after dark.

Please do something about it.

UPDATE 4:15 PM - Another Roosevelt Island resident reports:
As an owner of TWO dogs, I agree 100% it is out of control. I am originally from Canada and cannot believe how many people do not cleanup after their pets here. We previously lived in Manhattan (disgusting level of dog waste) the island is starting to rival the city! And bags & bins are provided! How much more do you need. Sheer laziness! They should give HUGE fines, HUGE!!!
and another:
From RWalk bar today I saw a lady walk 2 dogs onto the grass area. She completely ignored the sign that clearly shows no dogs allowed. She cleaned up after them. Fair enough but how do you clean up urine? This green is used everyday by little kids. No respect. It's always been a problem.