Friday, March 18, 2016

Interview With Charlene Indelicato As She Recaps Time As President Of Roosevelt Island Operating Corp - Today Is Her Last Day

Charlene Indelicato was appointed to her "dream job" as President of the Roosevelt Island Operating  Corp (RIOC) in April 2013.  Today is Ms. Indelicato's last day as RIOC President.  Ms Indelicato has accepted the position of Dobbs Ferry NY Village Administrator.

I spoke with Ms Indelicato on February 28 about her time as RIOC President.

In part 1 of our conversation Ms Indelicato speaks about:

  • The reason for her leaving Roosevelt Island (primarily long commuting time),
  • Major challenges she faced as RIOC President,
  • Building trust between Public Safety Department and community, 
  • Cornell Tech negotiations, 
  • Island infrastructure, 
  • Blackout and Blizzard, 
  • Free Red Bus, 
  • Sportspark renovations, 
  • Tram Station Elevators, 
  • Cultural Center, 
  • Lighthouse Park Footbridges, 
  • Blackwell House,
  • Gristedes Sinkhole
  • Reasons projects take a long time to complete and
  • Appreciation for residents who contribute and are concerned about the community.

In part 2, Ms Indelicato speaks about:
  • Dedication of Resident Board Of Directors,
  • How she got the RIOC President's job,
  • Relationship with the Governor's Office,
  • Status of Roosevelt Island democracy and services as governed by NY State Public Benefit Corp compared to jurisdiction under NYC,
  • Main Street Retail Master Leasehold Agreement (government should not be in the commercial retail business),
  • Local Law 11 building facade work,
  • Construction Permits,
  • Cornell Tech payments not received yet but will be when needed before 2018,
  • Sea Wall and Sea railings repairs,
  • Ferry Dock Agreement almost done,
  • Improved relationship between RIOC employees and residents 
  • and enjoying her time on Roosevelt Island

As I said before, in my view, Ms. Indelicato

Image Of Ms. Berdy & RIOC President Charlene Indelicato With Asylum For Insane Mug

has been an excellent RIOC President.

RIOC President Charlene Indelicato and Canine Friend at Roosevelt Island 2013 Halloween Parade

Her leaving is a big loss for Roosevelt Island.