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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Possum Seen Wandering Around Roosevelt Island - Was It The OctoPossum Mom From Astoria?

We have all seen the increased interest and growing popularity of Roosevelt Island recently with many more people visiting our little island in the East River.

Apparently, Roosevelt Island may also become a destination for animals from the Wild Kingdom. Late Sunday night, Monday morning, a Riverwalk concierge reports seeing a possum coming from Firefighters Field, crossing Main Street and trying to enter the building's revolving doors. Unable to enter the building, the possum scooted quickly towards the Tram.

Perhaps the Possum visiting Roosevelt Island was the same one seen in Astoria as reported recently by ABC7 News, Gothamist and in this video.

According to ABC 7 News:

A couple from Queens captured video of a remarkable sight -- something they're calling "OctoPossum." And it's not something you'd expect to see in New York City....
... The couple looked a little closer and realized it was an opossum, carrying eight young joeys - the name for baby opossums....
Have you seen the Roosevelt Island Possum? Take a picture next time and send it in.