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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Victoria's Secret Model Roosevelt Island Airbnb Apartment Listing At Roosevelt Landings Was A Ripoff Says Lawyer And Is Suing - Model Says Roosevelt Island Apartment Is Not A Dump

The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse reports:

According to Gothamist:
An associate at a corporate law firm is suing Airbnb and his supermodel host because the one-bedroom apartment he booked on Roosevelt Island—for $3,000 a month—didn't meet his expectations. Christian Pugaczewski spent one night in the apartment where he'd planned to spend the entire summer, dissatisfied with the building's empty cinder-block hallways that smelled like marijuana, holes inside the apartment, and a roach trap, among other concerns.

"There were holes in the floor," he told us Wednesday. "The stool legs were strategically placed in the holes. There were layers of grime built up on the window sills and the air conditioning units. There was a roach trap there too, so I assumed there was an infestation...."
 Image Of Roosevelt Landings

Click here for the full Gothamist article.

And from the NY Post:
... Airbnb didn’t publish the address, but based on the description, Pugaczewski believed the unit was located in the luxury Riverwalk condominium.

When he received the 540 Main St. address just before his move-in date he learned that the apartment was actually at the nearby Eastwood complex, a rundown development recently converted from federally-subsidized housing....
Click here for the full NY Post article.

The NY Daily News adds:
It is NOT a dump!

That’s what a Victoria’s Secret model insisted Wednesday about her Roosevelt Island apartment that was the subject of a new lawsuit by an unhappy Airbnb customer.

However, the model, Lyndsey Scott, said she “acknowledges” the complaints of attorney Christian Pugaczewski and is “working closely with Airbnb to ensure that this is settled in a fair and just manner.”....
Click here for the full NY Daily News article.

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