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Sunday, July 9, 2017

What Does Roosevelt Island Think Of President Donald Trump - Making America Great Again Or Leading America To Decline?

Donald Trump has at least 1 supporter on Roosevelt Island. The resident who comments frequently praising President Trump under the name Frank Alo writes today:

So proud of our president. He gave a great speech to the Polish people. Keep up the good work. America loves you
and yesterday:
the labor department says that 222,000 jobs were created in june. This is good news for president Trump. But of course the liberal newspapers will never report any thing good about our president. So all you island liberals need me to put it on the rooseveil islander to keep you all informed. And let's not forget all you liberals making money on wall Street. You all have president Trump to thank for that. Our president is doing a great job. God bless him...
On the other hand:
Frank, if you wish to comment on Trump, please use this post and not in threads on other subjects.

UPDATE 7/19 - NY Times interviews Trump today - wow.


Anonymous said...

Really I can tell you right now that the people on Roosevelt island hate president Trump. As their Queen Hillary lost as this island is 99 percent liberals in their eyes Trump can not do anything good ever. God bless president Trump and stay strong

Anonymous said...

This is the month of july trump has been president for almost 7 Month's I would like the Roosevelt islander to do a story on why President trumps picture is not on the wall in the public safety office . as all past presidents all had their picture on the wall