Friday, July 7, 2017

Roosevelt Island Main Street Retail Update - China 1 Restaurant Renovation Has Sleek New Look, New BubbleCool Tea Shop Getting Ready To Open & Trellis/Nisi Owner Still Hopes To Be Back In Business Soon

Roosevelt Island's China 1 restaurant was closed for a few days recently while undergoing renovations. I walked by China 1

yesterday and was stunned to see how nice the renovated interior looked with new window seating

and large picnic table placed in the corner.

Customers remarked how wonderful the renovated space looked.

Take a look.

Renovation work was also being done yesterday on the new BubbleCool Tea shop scheduled to open this summer

and Trellis/Nisi diner owner Kai Razaghi was on site too.

Mr. Razaghi told residents asking when Trellis/Nisi will re-open that he still did not have a set date yet, but definitely will re-open and be back in business as soon as he can.