Thursday, March 22, 2018

Roosevelt Island Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance Presents Revolutionary War Musical 1776 This Weekend - Featuring Gender Bending Casting Of Women Playing Roles Of Our Founding Fathers, Get Your Tickets

The Roosevelt Island Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance (MST&DA)is presents the musical 1776 at the Howe Theater in the RI Cultural Center (548 Main Street) Friday, March 23 - Sunday 25.

The MST& DA presentation of the revolutionary war musical depicting the signing of the Declaration of Independence features a gender bending cast of 12 women playing roles as the Founding Fathers

 including Kimbirdlee Fadner (MST &DA Assistant Executive Director) as John Adams

shown above with  Eric Cohen as Ben Franklin.

Jacqueline Lucid, Director of MTS&DA 1776 production says:
A show that traditionally casts only two women. Our cast of 23, features 12 women playing pivotal roles of our founding fathers. An important show for our times. An important reminder of all that we have. And all we need to protect and fight for.
Take a sneak peak of MST&DA's 1776:

Performances are:
  • Friday - March 23 8pm
  • Saturday - March 24 2pm
  • Saturday - March 24 8pm
  • Sunday - March 25 7pm
and Tickets:
  • General Admission $20
  • Seniors/Students $15
Click here for more info and to buy tickets for the MST&DA performance of 1776.

Here's how you get to MST&DA at 548 Main Street.

The 1776 film version is one of my favorite movies.

Watch Sit Down John from the 1776 movie

and buy a ticket for the MST&DA production of 1776.

UPDATE 3/23 - Roosevelt Island photographer Irina Hage shares pictures from MST&DA 1776 and reports:
If you are on the Island this weekend you have to see 1776! You will not regret it!

A very entertaining history lesson with a stunning cast.