Monday, August 10, 2020

Cool Streets Program Brings FDNY Hydrant Water Sprinkler Spray Cap Heat Relief To NYC This Summer - Community Activist Frank Farance Proposes 4 Roosevelt Island Hydrant Water Spray Cap Locations To Cool Down

According to the NYC Emergency Management Department (NYCEM):

... To help New Yorkers beat the heat, New York City has implemented a number of measures through the Cool It! NYC and Cool Streets initiatives, including:

... More than 300 hydrants opened with spray caps...

... As the dangers of the hot weather collide with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing a number of measures to ensure New Yorkers can stay cool while still being socially distanced...
The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) Cool Streets Program adds:
... During heat emergencies, NYC DEP and FDNY will install spray caps on the Cool Streets' hydrants, providing an outdoor cooling feature for the neighborhood...

But unlike the rest of NYC during this hot, muggy and Covid-19 Pandemic summer, there's been no cooling FDNY hydrant spray caps on Roosevelt Island for the young and older to get some relief from the heat.

Until Roosevelt Island activist and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer Frank Farance sprung into action. Mr. Farance shares this message he sent today to Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Acting President Shelton Haynes:
As a CERT, I recently received training from NYC DEP on operating fire hydrants, such as adding a sprinkler cap. I have the sprinkler caps from FDNY (see below and attached presentation). Also, I've done a size-up and I've found 4 locations that would work for Roosevelt Island residents.

Any comments, questions, or discussion? Let me know ASAP because I'd like to get the sprinkler caps installed because its going to be hot this week. Thanks for the help!
Image From Frank Farance
The four locations proposed by Mr Farance for the Roosevelt Island Hydrant Water Sprinkler caps are:
  • Location #1: Blackwell Park, Near Tot Lot
  • Location #2: East Promenade, In Rear of Eastwood/RL 560 Main
  • Location #3: West Promenade, In Rear of Island House, 555 Main
  • Location #4: Manhattan Park, In Rear of 30 River Road
Here's proposal for Roosevelt Island Hydrant Water Sprinkler caps from Mr. Farance.

No word yet from RIOC although its approval may not be necessary.

UPDATE 8/11 -  According to RIOC President Shelton Haynes:
We are very excited that Frank has taken the steps to get the training and bring forth this wonderful idea. RIOC is in agreement and we are working together to make this possible very soon.