Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Four RIOC Directors Standing Around Chatting About ...

Huddle of 4 RIOC Directors

What were these four RIOC Directors (not the guy in the shorts) talking about yesterday afternoon prior to the Governance Committee meeting on Roosevelt Island Public Purpose Funding?

I have no way of knowing but I think they were trying to decide on whether to go to Trellis, Starbucks, Nonnos or Fuji East after the meeting.

The Web Cast of yesterday's Governance Committe meeting will be available shortly. No decision was made by the RIOC Directors yesterday regarding the allocation of Public Purpose Funds. The Directors were primarily seeking to determine if the process RIRA used to allocate the funds among competing Roosevelt Island groups was not only fair but had the appearance of fairness as well.


Anonymous said...

Can they legally meet in the street? With no advance notice to the public? No possibility of being taped for public review?