Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Roosevelt Island Public Safety Reports - 10/29 - 11/9, Marijuana Possession, Knife Stabbing, Disorderly Conduct, Thrown Brick & Stolen Motorcycle

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The most recent Roosevelt Island 24 hour Public Safety Report is posted daily on the blog's inside right sidebar, just below the RIOC Directors email address. Listed is a daily log recapping local incidents the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department responded to the previous day.

RIOC is also posting the Daily and August/September Monthly Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incident reports on their web site. A breakdown of Roosevelt Island Public Safety incidents by location and category (the Blotter) for the months of September/October 2009 is available as well.

Below are the Roosevelt Island Daily Public Safety Reports for October 29 - November 10, 2009. Incidents include:
  • Tenant Lock Out and Noise Complaint (10/29)
  • Unlawful Possession Of Marijuana (10/30, 11/6,7)
  • Damage To Vehicle Parked In Motorgate Garage (10/31)
  • Domestic Dispute Between Husband and Wife (11/1)
  • Motorcycle Stolen From Coler Goldwater Parking Lot (11/2)
  • Objects Thrown From Roof At Individuals In Blackwell Park (11/3)
  • Person Almost Hit By Red Bus (11/4)
  • Broken Lobby Door (11/5)
  • Domestic Assault - Male Hit Female (11/6)
  • Brick Thrown Through Window (11/6)
  • Investigation Of Fees Paid To RISAR (11/6)
  • Disorderly Conduct (11/7)
  • Missing Laptop From Apartment (11/8)
  • Investigation Of Door Banging (11/8) and
  • Investigation Of Knife Stabbing In Buttocks (11/9)
0700 hrs 10/29/09 - 0700 hrs 10/30/09

Lock Out - Tenant reported to PSD that she was locked out of her apartment. Maintenance opened door for tenant.

Fire - PSD officer smelled smoke in stairwell. Fire was out upon PSD arrival. Search of area was conducted with negative results. Maintenance was notified.

Graffiti - PSD officer observed graffiti on wall. Photos were taken and search of area was conducted with negative results.

Noise Complaint - PSD received complaint of noise coming from an apartment. PSD checked area with negative results.

0700hrs-10/30/09-0700hrs 10/31/09

Aided-Female transported to hospital for flu like symptoms

Harassment-Male reports to PSD that his neighbor making false reports to NYPD and PSD.NYPD refused.

Noise complaint-PSD respond to apartment and also made canvass of area with negative results.

Investigation- Female reports supermarket employee grabbed her pocket book bag looking for stolen items, no items found reporter will contact dept of consumer affair

Lost property- Female entered PSD to report she lost her wallet and her identification card ,social security card,and medicaid card will make report with NYPD.

Unlawful poss. of marijuana-Five males were stop and search possessing marijuana cigarette.One male had 2 bags in pant pocket, summonses was issued.

Aided- PSD responded to group home for male, female manger reported male grabbed and pushed her causing injuries to right arm. NYPD and EMS responded.Aided refused transport,and male was esorted out.

10/31/09-7:00 AM to 11/1/09-7:00 AM

Criminal Mischief-Damage to a vehicle parked the Motorgate Garage. Search for the subject yielded negative results. NYPD refused. The Motorist stated he will call NYPD later.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Aided- Coler Hospital patient fell outside and laceration to the head. EMS transported him to the hospital.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

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11/1/09-7:00 AM to 11/2/09-7:00 AM

Graffiti- Unknown subject wrote Graffiti on a FDNY Emergency call box. FDNY notified. Search for the subject yielded negative results.

Domestic Dispute- Husband Pushed wife and she fell on the ground as per the wife. No signs of injury. NYPD and EMS refused. She stated that she was fine.

Criminal Mischief-/Disorderly Conduct- Subject struck a business window glass. He sustained laceration to his hand. EMS responded and provided treatment. Transport to the hospital was refused. Subject arrested by PSD.

11/2/09-7:00 AM to 11/3/09-7:00 AM

Investigation-Tenant reported that adult son not residing in apt took younger son's apt keys. UA changed the lock. NYPD refused.

Possible Aided- Home care nurse requested tenant be checked possible aided. UA and PSD responded. Tenant fine he did not hear the knocking.

Grand Larceny Auto in the past-A motorcycle was parked front of Goldwater Hospital 2 days ago. When owner went to motor cycle it was missing. Goldwater Hospital PD did not tow it. Dept of Finance checked and the city did not tow it. NYPD filed a report.

Domestic Dispute-Between a male and a female. No injuries. Both uncooperative. NYPD refused.

Smoke Condition- Tenant accidently burnt food in apt which caused a smoke condition.
No injuries. Minor damage to the kitchen.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

11/3/09-7:00 AM to 11/4/09-7:00 AM

Reckless Endangerment- Objects thrown possibly from 510 Main Street 10th floor at 3 different individuals in Backwell House Park. No injuries. NYPD refused. PSD conducted a search it may have come from an apt. Tenant notified and stated objects not thrown from apt. PSD monitored the apt and no more objects were thrown.

Possession of Stolen Property past- PSD received NYPD complaint. Victim came into PSD. NYPD detective notified. PSD report filed.

Verbal Dispute- Between thrift Store employee and 2 females over the prices. Females asked to leave and refused. PSD responded and females had left. Store manager notified. Employee advised to notify PSD if females return.

Domestic Dispute- Between mother and 2 daughters over drinking alcohol and arguing. Mother wanted females escorted out. But another daughter/lease holder refused. No injuries and NYPD refused. Daughters ceased arguing.

Unauthorized Leave- 3 group home youths left without permission. The Social Worker reported they have done this previously and always return shortly thereafter. NYPD refused.

Unsecured Apt- UA reported 2 apts were vacant. PSD conducted a search of the apt. No one inside and no property damage. UA locked and secured the apt. Contractors doing work had not notified UA that the work had been completed. Matter to be referred to UA Management.

Stolen Property- A bicycle. Search conducted with negative results. NYPD refused.

Water Leak-UA and PSD responded. UA Super believes the source may be a 100 gallons fish tank and will conducted an investigation.

Lost Property- A bag. It was returned to the owner.

11/4/09-7:00 AM to 11/5/09-7:00 AM

Alarm- At the RIOC office. Search conducted all in order. Employee accidently set it off. ADT0 notified.

Domestic Incident/Investigation- Husband and wife had a disagreement over the apt lock. PSD responded and resolved matter.

Found Property- NYS Driver's license. It was secured in PSD.

Found Property- A reduced Metro fare card. It was secured in PSD.

Found Property- A Knapsack. It was secured in PSD.

Harassment- Female phone calls and left messages to victim. Victim doesn't know caller. PSD called female who stated she will stop. No further complaints received.

Complaint/Investigation- Female alleged that the RIOC bus almost struck her. No injuries. PSD report filed.

0700 hrs 11/05/09 - 0700 hrs 11/06/09

Aided - EMS and PSD responded to apartment for aided. Tenant was not feeling well and transported to hospital.

Dispute - PSD responded to report of dispute between male and female. PSD made search with negative results.

Unsecured Premise - PSD responded to unsecured building. PSD made search with negative results. PSD secured door.

Aided - PSD and EMS responded to apartment for aided. Tenant was not feeling well and transported to hospital.

Unsecured Property - PSD officer observed tenant's property outside apartment. Tenant was not home and notified door station.

Property Damage - PSD officer noticed tenant's patio door glass broken. Tenant stated it was already reported to NYPD. PSD made report.

Criminal Mischief - PSD observed broken lobby door window. PSD made search with negative results. Maintenance was notified.

Water Leak - PSD responded with Super for water leak. Super checked and found no water leak.

0700hrs 11/6/09- 0700hrs 11/7/09

Criminal Mischief- Female reporter states someone threw brick through window. NYPD responded and report was taken.

Aided- Female reporter stated husband fell and needed medical assistance. EMS notified. Male refused medical attention.

Reckless Endangerment- Male threw object out window. No property damage or injuries to persons. male is autistic and unaware of actions.

Harassment- Female states she is receiving numerous phone calls from an unknown number.

Investigation- Female volunteer states she paid fees to RISAR and funds were not returned. incident is still under investigation.

Unlawful Poss of Marijuana- PSD officers observed male in possession of illegal substance. Male was summonsed and released.

Domestic Assault - Male hit female. male was arrested and transported to 114 Pct. for arrest processing.

11/7/09-7:00 AM to 11/8/09-7:00 AM

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Papers Served- Child Support papers served to an Island resident.

Criminal Mischief- Window broken to an apt. Search for the subject yielded negative results. No injuries and NYPD refused. UA porter cleaned up the glass.

Unlawful Possession of Marijuana- Subject arrested by PSD.

Aided- Intoxicated female fell in apt and sustained swelling to upper eyebrow. EMS transported her to the hospital.

Disorderly Conduct- Subject arrested by PSD.

11/8/09-7:00 AM to 11/9/09-7:00 AM

Aided - While playing soccer a female sustained injury to her nose. EMS transported her to the hospital.

Investigation - NYPD reported numerous calls of an object in the water. NYPD, EMS and PSD responded. Search was conducted and nothing was found in the water.

Domestic Dispute - Between mother and son. PSD responded and spoke to son. Mother notified to call PSD if any further incidents occur. No injuries and NYPD responded.

Missing Property - NYPD, PSD responded to an apt. Tenant stated she went shopping for groceries. Upon her return a laptop was missing. No signs of forced entry. NYPD classified the job as missing property.

Investigation - Tenant reports unknown subject banging on the door and pushing on it. Tenant stated it twice. Initially she thought it was someone who was at the wrong apartment. PSD to monitor apartment.

11/9/09-7:00 AM to 11/10/09-7:00 AM

Found Property - A cell phone. It was secured in PSD. The owner later retrieved it.

Harassment - Between a R.I. Resident and another. Victim attempted to obtain an Order of Protection, but was told by criminal court personnel not sufficient evidence to obtain one. Victim advised to notify NYPD and PSD if incident occurs again.

Investigation - Tenant stated unknown male allegedly stabbed him with a knife to buttocks. NYPD notified PSD that victim stated he waited 5 hours before going to a hospital on the Lower East side of Manhattan. PSD escorted NYPD to victim's apt but they were unable to contact the victim. Search of area showed no signs of blood in hallway. PSD was never notified of the incident by the victim.

Water Leak - From 10th floor to the 3rd floor of a building. RY Super and PSD responded. Source was an unauthorized washing machine in an apt. Matter referred to RY Management.

Missing Property - An Island Resident lost a wallet. Search made with negative results. Resident advised to cancel all of his credit cards. NYPD refused.

Water Leak - In the Public Safety Office. UA notified and corrected the condition. The office was also cleaned.

Vehicle Accident - A Motorgate customer accidently pressed on the gas and struck a guard rail. No injuries. NYPD refused. Central Parking Manager notified. Damage only to vehicle's front bumper.

Possible EDP - Mother complained daughter arguing and making a mess in apt. NYPD EMS and PSD responded. Per EMS female not an EDP. Female left apt on her own.