Friday, May 14, 2010

New Flower Shop Vendor For Roosevelt Island Farmers Market & Credit Card Payments Accepted For Ravioli, Steaks, Burgers & More At Hoboken Farms

New Florist At Roosevelt Island Farmers Market

The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market will be open as usual tomorrow morning next to the Roosevelt Island Bridge ramp and will have another new vendor joining the existing crew. Last week I met the nice folks from YA Florist who are bringing some sorely missed flowers back to Roosevelt Island. Give them a try!

I also learned last week that there is at least one Roosevelt Island Farmers Market vendor

accepting credit card transactions - Hoboken Farms - where you can purchase an assortment of fresh mozzarella cheese, breads, homemade ravioli, steaks, burgers and chicken entrees. They are using the old fashioned manual machines. RIOC Director Jonathan Kalkin has suggested using a new wireless device for electronic transactions and tweets:
Roosevelt Island Garage now accepts cards! Going to inform the farmers market/other merchants about so they can too!

I'd like to see all of Roosevelt Island's merchants, including the Farmers Market vendors, using Square or something similar to it. Would be very convenient.

Here's some scenes from the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market though it looks like it was taken in cold and chilly weather, hopefully not to return until next winter

You Tube Video of Roosevelt Island Farmers Market


Anonymous said...

Paying by credit card at the Farmer's Market may be convenient but it will make purchase more expensive. Vendors have to pay fees for credit card transactions, so they'll most likely raise prices. I'd rather make sure I have cash than pay higher prices for convenience of using credit cards.

Anonymous said...

And some of us like the convenience of credit and debit cards and don't mind spending a bit extra for that. If the new credit card bill gets passed merchants will be allowed to give discounts on cash discounts.

Anonymous said...

Acceptance of credit cards begins the process of vendors being allowed to accept EBT and food stamps at green markets - already active in many parts of the city.

Anonymous said...

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