Monday, April 30, 2018

Dangerous Condition At Octagon Field Perimeter Needs Fixing Before Anyone Else Stumbles And Gets Hurt Says Roosevelt Island Twitterverse

A Roosevelt Island resident takes to Twitter to get a dangerous grounds condition fixed.

Another resident adds:
The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) needs to fix this before someone else gets hurt.

UPDATE 5:10 PM RIOC tweets:
RIOC Pubic Information Alonza Robertson adds:
We are aware of the issue at the perimeter of Octagon Field. We will have a crew there tomorrow to correct the situation.

We will be awarding an RFP shortly for a contractor to build a bathroom/comfort station there as well as to replace the existing artificial turf, better LED lighting and make other needed structural improvements to that entire field area. That work is now slated to begin this fall after this summer sports season December 1.
UPDATE 5/1 7:30 PM - According to RIOC Public Information Oficer Alonzo Robertson
The repairs to the existing lighting system is happening now. I know that an electrician is there fixing some wiring issues, half are already back on. The brand new LED light lamps is what’s going to get installed with the entire field renovation package to start on Dec. 1.