Friday, July 27, 2007

Duane Reade is Soon to Open

A reader sent in this tip this morning.

On the way to the subway this morning I saw that the fence in front of the newest Riverwalk addition was removed and Duane Reade's store front is almost complete. Rumors are they are going to open next year but it looks like it's going to happen much sooner.

The reader goes on to comment about the lack of retail services on Roosevelt Island.
Isn't it pathetic that we are excited about the opening of a new pizza place, a Duane Reade, or (a few months back) a Starbucks? How about adding a poll to your blog asking for what we would like to see next on RI?
This island has so much potential in regards of housing and retail.

Another reader has a slightly more optimistic view on Island amenities.
Nonno's is coming and so is the Japanese Place. The commons is now fence free and the lanscaping is looking great. Duanne Reade is almos here as well. The signature red canopies were installed today and I'm getting my prescriptions ready to get filled while I run to the Chase Bank ATM(rumos has it that Chase is coming also) to get some cash to buy a a Cherry Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks. Inch by inch, Step by step...
So, let's get the discussion going. What type of retail stores and services do we need on Roosevelt Island and just as important can the local population and visitors to the Island support these stores so that they can stay in business?


Anonymous said...

If the stores are worth patronizing, they will be patronized. If they follow the "Roosevelt Island Rule" they will be the worst of their type and people will go elsewhere. Could any of the independently-owned stores even exist anyplace else? Contrary to public opionion, we are no longer isolated. We are one short subway stop from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The situation here won't improve until people give up the small-town fantasy and recognize that this is a neighborhood in New York City. It's pathethic that it's probably the only neighborhood in New York that is thrilled to have a Starbucks and a Duane Reade moving in. It is Roosevelt Island, however, and I won't be surprised it our Duane Reade is the only one in the entire system without a Chase ATM.

If the stores were good enough, people would even hop on the F train and take it one stop to Roosevelt Island to shop. If we had a restaurant people wanted to go to, they would come from other neighborhoods. It's nothing extraordinary for people to shop outside their own immediate neighborhood. People travel from one borough to another all the time, but a trip to Roosevelt Island is still seen as a visit to an exotic locale. When we somehow overcome the misconception that we are an isolated "village" outside of New York City, we will attract appropriate retail. This is something that RIOC should be working to achieve.

Anonymous said...

Yeah everyone seems to agree there is unlimited potential for retail on RI, yet due to someone incompetence it never happens.

How about a bar? There are a lot of younger people moving in now and they'd love a place to chill out and have some drinks without having to get on the train or tram.

Anonymous said...

You are obviously a newcomer. Two bars have already failed, due to the Roosevelt Island Rule, i.e., that a business is the worst example of its type if it is located on Roosevelt Island.

Anonymous said...


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YetAnotherRIer said...

I wonder if we can guess who's behind these Anonymous comments... Good old times!

Frank Farance said...

YetAnotherRIer: you're commenting on a blog post from 8 years ago? Is that necro-commenting, or commenting on a necro-post? :-)