Friday, July 27, 2007

Southpoint Outdoor Movie Update

The New York Times had an article today showcasing a variety of communities and venues that show outdoor movies during the summer. The article described outdoor movies taking place in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens and in parks, museums and even roof tops. However, there was no mentions of outdoor movies being shown at Southpoint Park on Roosevelt Island. It continually confounds me when worthwhile activities on Roosevelt Island are ignored or unknown to the rest of NYC. I don't know if this is the general indifference to Roosevelt Island or the inability to properly promote fun and interesting activities on the Island.


Anonymous said...

It is probably the RIOC's inability to promote Roosevelt Island. It would really shock me if anybody of the RIOC wrote a letter to the NY Times after the article was published.

On the other hand I believe that this is just nice and dandy for the current residents who fear gentrification and would like to keep people away from RI as far as possible.