Monday, August 27, 2007

NYC Dept. of Transportation Rest Room Update

Advised by RIOC President Shane that RIOC will investigate possibility of acquiring one of the public restrooms suggested in this post from NYC DOT.
Together with Roosevelt Island 360, spoke with Assemblymember Micah Kellner during last Saturday's Outdoor Movie Night at Southpoint Park. Assembly Member Kellner indicated his support for having one of the NYC DOT public restrooms allocated for Roosevelt Island and that he would work with RIOC and other elected officials to get it done. Any thoughts on where the public restroom should be located? Lighthouse Park, Southpoint Park, Motorgate, somewhere else?


Anonymous said...

Lighthouse park for sure. With all the BBQing and fishing going on up there it's a must.

I hope that part of the whole Southpoint Park plan is going to be the installation of public restrooms.

Anonymous said...

How aboutincluding more trash cans, and forcing the fishing dudes and pic-nickers to put their garbage in them, and not all over the place. It really raunches down their sometimes.

RI 360 said...

We should also recommend to Steve Shane that his inquiry to the DOT be concurrent with RIOC's contacting Community Board 8's various committee's (Roosevelt Island, Land Use etc) to get their support for a possible allocation of one of the twenty restroom units to Roosevelt Island. Councilmmeber Lappin should also be brought on board.