Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Future of Roosevelt Island Tram - A Short or Long Shutdown?

I spoke with a representative of Dopplemayr, the manufacturer and current operator of the Roosevelt Island Tram, about the various alternatives for the future of the Tram. Basically, the choice is between (1) a major overhaul of the system requiring at least a six month shutdown of the Tram to, among other things, replace the cables knowing that the funds for the repair have been allocated in the NY State budget and (2) some relatively minor repairs for shifting instead of replacing the cables and the stockpiling of future replacement parts shutting the tram down for a matter of weeks but which RIOC President Shane believes could possibly jeopardize the existing $15 million State funding allocation for the time when the major renovation of the tram is needed. The Main Street Wire has the full story here (PDF Version).

For comparison purposes read how another city handled the development of an Aerial Tramway transport issue. Portland Oregon has an Aerial Tramway manufactured by Dopplemayr as well. Here is a blog discussion by a Portland City Commissioner about the contracting process for the the Portland tram as well as a breakdown of the Tram's funding plan.

If the Tram does shut down for an extended period of time, perhaps RIOC and Dopplemayr will consider temporarily installing the Mountain Glide ride shown above for the convenience of Roosevelt Islanders.


Anonymous said...

As long as this is all coordinated with the MTA (i.e. no planned shutdowns of the F train) while the tram is out of service I don't mind the tram to be re-done more or less from scratch.

The Red Bus as a replacement would be okay if it would accept Metrocards.