Monday, September 3, 2007

Roosevelt Island Tram at Night


The song is "Oh it is love" by Hellogoodbye.


Anonymous said...

Great song! Who is it?

Roosevelt Island Rick said...

Let's all be honest- who amoung us has not been orally serviced on the tram at night.

I foundly remember the night I get two working girls from queens for an hour so I could have a different one each way - some of the best cash I ever spent.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting Pervert !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on! Please, let's not feed the trolls. If we keep reacting he will keep posting.


yeah, it is a great song.
the song is "Oh it is love" by Hellogoodbye.
and they will be playing Hammerstein ballroom on Oct. 30.