Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is There Parking Nepotism In A Small Southern Town Called Roosevelt Island?

Obtaining one of the 55 metered parking spots on Roosevelt Island has always been extremely difficult but today's Daily News reports the allegation by some long time Roosevelt Island residents that the situation has been exacerbated by:

...a chronic culture of nepotism that aggravates the problem.
According to the article, Roosevelt Island resident and RIOC Board nominee candidate Frank Farance charges
"You can't find a spot because there are so many bogus [parking] placards and illegal handicapped permits,"
Some locals said parking regulations are selectively enforced by Roosevelt Island Public Safety, whose officers have the right to ticket cars and make arrests.
"They will not issue a summons to friends," said Ron Schuppert, chairman of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association's public safety committee and a retired NYPD officer with 25 years on the job.
"It's like a small Southern town. It's nothing but nepotism," he said.
Farance and Schuppert alleged there is a secret list of people who are immune from ticketing.
RIOC President Steve Shane denies that there is such a list of those immune from ticketing and characterizes such claims as an urban legend. Mr. Shane:
"There's no such list," Shane said. "There may have been one but there certainly isn't one now."
Also, he
noted that more summonses have been issued in the past year.
"We had a relatively laissez-faire attitude over here," Shane said of the approach to parking enforcement before he took over as president last year. "Parking spaces are more available on Main St. now."
It is interesting to note that while Mr. Shane denies any such preferential parking list currently exists under his RIOC administration, he acknowledges one may have existed before his recent tenure under prior administrations.

I believe Mr. Shane when he says no such list currently exists or practice occurs. However it probably did exist and occur during prior administrations and it must be difficult to change longstanding employee perks and practices within RIOC or any other organization. Mr. Shane, as a good executive, must know or can easily discover, whether or not such a list and practice existed in the past. In order to turn the page and demonstrate a resident friendly RIOC management he should just make the list public or deny that it ever existed.

Image is of Dukes of Hazard's Boss Hogg and Sherrif Roscoe from Monsters & Critics.


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Stephen Melinger said...

May I suggest opening transient parking elsewhere (barges) with shuttle bus service to main thoroughfare

CheshireKitty said...

Hahahahaha! Actually, that's not a bad idea!