Thursday, February 26, 2009

Counting Main Street Traffic For Columbia University's Roosevelt Island Transportation Study - Is Traffic Light Needed at Motorgate Intersection?

One of the Columbia University urban planning students participating in the Roosevelt Island Transportation Study was conducting a traffic count in front of the Motorgate ramp to the Roosevelt Island Bridge on a cold Tuesday afternoon. Last May, Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra told me that the Department of Transportation was going to conduct a traffic study to determine if a street light was warranted for the Motorgate Ramp intersection. I don't know what happened with that DOT study but I am glad that the Columbia students are investigating the issue as part of the overall Roosevelt Island Transportation study.

More on the Columbia University Roosevelt Island Transportation Study from a RIOC press release published in the 1/17/09 Main Street WIRE:

"As Roosevelt Island residents know all too well, the community has evolved during the past 40 years from the much heralded and highly innovative ¡®new town in town' concept of the 1960's. Formative concepts such as a ¡®traffic-free' environment and battery-operated ¡®minibuses' have given way to practicalities, budget realities and a growing population. A fresh look is needed at the impact of present and future growth.

"The Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture's Urban Planning program will focus on recommendations to improve access within, to and from the Island by looking at all the various transportation modes. Improving pedestrian and bicycle access will be evaluated especially since an early aspect of the design of Roosevelt Island was to have an auto-free community. Journey to work access will be evaluated by looking at all available and potential modes: bus, tram, subway, vehicular circulation, potential ferry and even perhaps new and innovative approaches that are not yet even on the radar screen."


Anonymous said...

oh man I would LOVE a traffic light at that location. Then we can have something the islanders can bitch about when they get summonses for running it, and in turn will bitch "why did we even get it in the first place"

Anonymous said...

If it was for entertainment values I would be so for a traffic light. Just what RLOC said above. In practice, though, I don't see any justification for a traffic light at that spot. There is just not enough traffic. A three way stop is all it needs.

Anonymous said...

Put in the traffic light. Half of the island can't figure out the idea of a three way stop.