Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Are Roosevelt Island Manhattan Park Residents Being Billed Correctly For Electricity Charges? Fill Out The Survey and Find Out!

Understanding Your Con Ed Electricity Bill from NY Times

The NY Post reports today on Con Ed electricity over charges:
Each New Yorker overpays $114 a year for electricity thanks to state policies that set the highest possible prices for power, according to data released yesterday by a state legislator.

The overcharges add up to $2.2 billion annually, and have cost the state economy "thousands, if not millions of jobs," says the study released by Assemblyman Richard Brodsky (D-Westchester).

Some economists say that paying power-generating companies the highest possible price ensures they'll keep electricity flowing, but Brodsky calls the system "an elegant form of price fixing."...
Eastwood/Roosevelt Landing is not the only Roosevelt Island building concerned with very high electricity bills and residents trying to organize, share information and protest if the electric bills are inflated. Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) delegate Isabel Perez-Cruz is investigating whether Manhattan Park is overcharging their residents for electriciy and she sends the following message:

Manhattan Park Electricity Request
So, if you live in Manhattan Park and believe you are being overcharged for electriciy usage, please fill out the form and send it to Ms. Perez-Cruz. There is also a Google Group for Manhattan Park residents. If you wish to join, click here and advise which building you live in.


Anonymous said...

While the electricity is expensive in the winter months since we pay for heating, my bill hasn't seemed outrageously expensive. (Plus, the summer electric bill is a lot less than I used to pay to A/C a smaller apartment.) What concerns me more is the lack of hot water in Manhattan Park (especially 40 River Road). Has anyone else had extreme difficulty getting hot (or even warm) water to come out of their tap?

Anonymous said...

We are in 40 RR and have not experienced any problems with the hot water. It seems, though, that water pressure went a bit down.

The only real problem I am having with Manhattan Park's hot water is that it is way too hot and thus dangerous for children. Isn't there a legal limit on how hot water can be in apartment buildings?

Anonymous said...

Want to swap apartments? :) We always shower with the hot water on full blast, and the shower is still cold. No way any child can get burned.