Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Green Parrot Found Wondering Around Roosevelt Island

Are you the owner of a Roosevelt Island Green Parrot? If so, it may be missing, but don't worry because it was found and is in the safe possession of RIOC. RIOC President Steve Shane sends the following message:
We are in possession of a green parrot found by itself outside. Please have its rightful owner call RIOC's office to claim it.
Just contact RIOC and show some proof that you are the true owner and it will be promptly returned to you.

Image of Parrots in picture were taken last summer on the west promenade and not necessarily that of today's strolling parrot.

UPDATE - 5:20 PM - This just in. Photos of missing green parrot that was found at 556 Main Street. Both images of Green Parrot provided by RIOC.

UPDATE - 7/21 - RIOC President Steve Shane reports:
No word from the parrot's owner.