Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Green Roof Sought For New Manhattan Side Roosevelt Island Tram Station By Elected Officials

Image of Manhattan Side Roosevelt Island Tram Station From RIOC

It appears that some of Roosevelt Island's neighbors across the river on the East Side of Manhattan may not be all that thrilled with the latest design for the new Roosevelt Island Tram Station on 2nd Avenue and 60th Street.

Image of Manhattan Side Roosevelt Island Tram Station From RIOC

Eight elected officials representing Manhattan sent a letter to RIOC President Steve Shane urging RIOC to include a "Green Roof" in the final design for the Tram Station.The elected officials are Congresswomen Maloney, Assembly Member Kellner, State Senator Serrano, City Council Member Lappin, Borough President Stringer, State Senator Kruegger, Assembly Member Bing and City Council Member Garodnik. They write:
We are writing to encourage the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) to take advantage of a key opportunity to provide leadership in improving New York’s environment by installing energy efficient roofing on the renovated Roosevelt Island Tramway stations. With the overhaul of the Tramway, RIOC is afforded a chance to become a leader in New York’s environmental sustainability efforts by incorporating affordable and cutting-edge green features into the design and construction of its renovated tram stations...

... By choosing a green roof, RIOC would be setting an example for developers across the city and nationwide, helping to raise crucial awareness of an innovative building technique with multiple environmental benefits. There would be significant positive impacts on the quality of life of area residents, commuters, workers, and visitors. And during this challenging time, the adoption of green roofing would contribute to the growth of a nascent industry, helping to create green jobs here in New York City. We also believe that a forward-thinking design for both stations would go a long way in continuing to build on the good relationship between Roosevelt Islanders and their neighbors on the East Side. And finally, it would uphold the tradition of Roosevelt Island as a laboratory for better and more sustainable living. We strongly encourage RIOC to take advantage of this opportunity....
The full letter is below or click on Green Tram link.
Green Tram

Image of Proposed Green Siding For Roosevelt Island Side Tram Station

I asked Mr. Shane for a comment on the matter and he replied:
I am replying to them collectively. Rather than have this discussion in the media, I suggest you contact "them". We have considered the issue of "green" design and have arrived at our present proposal. I have proposed a meeting with the elected officials to allow professionals to explain to them how the design process has worked and why we are where we are. Since we are on a tight time line, I have requested their availability by the end of July. As you know, we have made the designs as they evolved available for comment from the public as well as professionals, both on the Island and off.
Mr. Shane is correct that the evolving designs for the Tram Stations have been available for comment since May.

I would rather see the Green Roof Garden proposed for the Motorgate Garage by the Columbia University Transportation Group than a Green Roof on the Tram Station.


Anonymous said...

The actual renovation work has been delayed for about nine months and Mr Shane should be able to find time to explore the merits of our politicians' suggestion.

Anonymous said...

The politicians are being politicians. Let the professionals at RIOC do their jobs. They've been working on this project for a long time and have kept the public in the loop every step of the way. I haven't always agreed with RIOC, but I like what they're doing with the Tram.