Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Roosevelt Island Red Bus Schedule During Tram Outage

Image Of Red Bus From RIOC

Several readers of yesterday's RIRA President's post commented on the Red Bus Schedule during the Tram outage starting next March.
How can one Red Bus will be able to handle as many passengers as four trams ?

"Shane stated that the Red Bus would run every half-hour to Queens Plaza during the morning rush hour while the Tram renovations are underway. He said this would be more than adequate".
I was confused by this "Smith noted that, during the test period in which the Tram was out of service, many people did not know to catch it at Gristede's and that the pick-up point should be at the subway station."

Will there be a stop next to the RI bridge? Or will the residents from Westview, Manhattan Park and Octagon have to travel to the subway to take the bus?
As to the question regarding the sufficiency of one Roosevelt Island Red Bus to Queens Subway Station during morning rush hours, I believe RIOC's decision is based upon the usage patterns experienced during the week long June 2008 Tram Shutdown.
During the 9 days the Tram was out of service from June 10-18, a total of 633 passengers used the Red Bus to Queens Plaza/Manhattan and 406 passengers from Manhattan back to Roosevelt Island. The average daily passenger use to Queens Plaza/Manhattan was 70 and from Manhattan/Queens Plaza 45.
Yesterday, I asked Mr. Shane:
Is this still the current thinking on Red Bus schedule during Tram Outage as stated last November?

Our present thinking is:
Weekdays: 6AM to 9:30AM half hourly to Queens Plaza. 10AM to 3PM hourly to Manhattan, returning on the 1/2 hour, resuming 7PM until 11PM.

Weekends: 8AM to 12PM to Manhattan, departing on the hour, returning on half hour, last from Manhattan at 12:30 AM Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

All depart Gristedes loop, return from 2nd & 60th.
Mr. Shane responded with some changes to previous plan:
Will start weekday morning service to Queens at 7. F line not a problem until later in rush hour. At suggestion of Margie Smith, will loop to Tram for pickup in AM as well as Gristedes, provided there is any ridership (one week trial).


Anonymous said...

In addition to the figures for bus riders during the 9 day stoppage in June 2009, Mr Shane and his colleagues should take into account the figures for tram ridership for a recent 9 days continuous period and also make allowance for the increased number of tenants in SouthTown since June.