Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Winter Baseball On Roosevelt Island And Then Came The First December 2009 Snowstorm

Roosevelt Island Winter Baseball

As I was walking past Capobianco Field heading towards the Farmers Market on a cold, blustery, pre-snowstorm Roosevelt Island Saturday afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the familiar cracking sound of a ball hitting a baseball bat.

Hitting Gounders

As I turned towards this unexpected sound I saw two bundled up kids, one hitting ground balls to the other at shortstop.

Conference At The Mound

I asked the batter why they were playing in such cold weather and he responded as if I was crazy to ask such a question:
We Like Baseball
Who knows, maybe future Derek Jeter's are playing right here on Roosevelt Island?

A couple of hours later came the snow. Below are scenes from a December 2009 Roosevelt Island snowstorm.

You Tube Video of Roosevelt Island Following December 2009 Snowstorm