Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Woman Found Dead This Afternoon At Roosevelt Island's AVAC Yard - NYPD Investigating

Roosevelt Island AVAC Image From Bridge & Tunnel Club

I was informed by several sources this afternoon that a woman was found dead near Roosevelt Island's Motorgate Garage. I asked Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra whether this was true. Unfortunately, this evening Mr. Guerra confirmed that it was true. According to Mr. Guerra:
Please be advised that at 1:28PM, the Public Safety Department was notified of a possible intoxicated person down in the AVAC yard. Upon arrival, our responding officers found an unconscious female lying face down near a dumpster. The female had no pulse and appeared to be deceased. 9-1-1 was immediately called and FDNY Paramedics and EMT's were on scene expeditiously. NYPD was also on scene and initiated an investigation, which is still on-going. The identification of the female is unknown at this time. NYPD Detectives immediately opened a Case and I am not at liberty to disclose anything further. I will give you an update when I can.
UPDATE - 12/18 - Mr. Guerra provides some additional information.


Anonymous said...

Terrible news. Hopefully there was no foul play, that would be even worse.