Thursday, February 11, 2010

Images From A Roosevelt Island Snowstorm - February 10, 2010

Image of Roosevelt Island Tram and Historical Society Kiosk By Judith Berdy

Roosevelt Island was a snowy winter wonderland on Wednesday. A little birdy sent in these pictures of Southtown sledding by the East Channel,

Blackwell House looking like a winter picture postcard,

and Main Street near the Rivercross Lawn.

Ms Berdy also shows us that the streets were not shoveled by themselves but by snowplow trucks

as well as a strong back and shovel.

More pictures from Ms. Berdy of a snowy Roosevelt Island day in February are available here.

Another Roosevelt Island resident, Lorena Fortuna, sent in these images and more of a snowy Roosevelt Island Wednesday.

The Queensboro Bridge,

and sledding in its shadow.

There was a snowman near a playground,

the Red Bus waiting for the Tram

and a snowblower clearing a path.

Ms. Fortuna's February Roosevelt Island Snow Album is here.

Finally, a sample of Roosevelt Island snow people

and on the way home from a fun filled Roosevelt Island snowy day.


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