Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Roosevelt Island Pregnant Mom Using Womb Box To Boogie With Fetus

Image From NY Post

Today's NY Post has an article about pregnant women using a device called a "Womb Box" to communicate with their fetus. Some even play music to the fetus. One of the woman mentioned in the article is from Roosevelt Island. According to the NY Post:
... Five-months-pregnant Maria Suarez, 32, of Roosevelt Island, pipes in classical tunes to her fetus using “Belly Buds” ($60), which has suction cups for speakers that connect straight to her iPod.

By the time her baby boy is born, Suarez expects him to have a broad musical appreciation.

“Hopefully by seven months he’ll be listening to BeyoncĂ©,” she says.

But doctors are now warning against the potential hazards of a mother turning her womb into a boom-boom room. “This could be a hindrance to a baby’s sleep cycle,” says Dr. David Cabbad, a pediatrician at the Brooklyn Hospital Center....


Anonymous said...

I have three kids at home and I love all these so-called experts who have their pseudo-scientific theory/opinions about everything. I especially love the ones who know everything about sleep and how to make a baby sleep through the night as soon as possible.

There is a great book out there that documents the history of child rearing expertise throughout American history. It's called "Raising America" but I don't recall the author right now.