Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dead Baby Goose Observed In Middle Of Roosevelt Island Road - Not Shot With An Arrow But Remains Eaten By Large Seagull

Prospect Park Goose With Arrow Shot In Neck Image From NY Times

Not a good week to be a goose in New York City. Earlier this week it was reported that a Prospect Park Goose, Sticky, was shot through the neck with an arrow and today we learn of a Roosevelt Island baby goose not only found dead in the middle of a Roosevelt Island road but devoured by a large seagull.

From the 6/22 -23 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Report:
Dead Goose - PSD observed dead baby goose in the middle of road. While waiting for grounds to remove carcass, a large seagull landed and dragged the carcass to the side of the road and devoured the remains.
I have heard from several residents who were worried about a family of Geese that have made the area just north of the Southpoint Park construction site a home and are concerned that the geese may be hit by speeding vehicles on the East Channel Road by Goldwater Hospital, though don't know if that is what happened to this particular baby goose.

The June 5 2010 Main Street WIRE interview with Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. (RIOC) President Steve Shane touched on the Goose Issue.
... Did you hear about the geese? There’s a family of geese. What happened, apparently, was that they were behind the fence in the Southpoint area and, for reasons best known to them, they led their goslings outside [north of] the fenced area, because there’s a lot of construction activity down there, and now they can’t get back to get in the water. There’s no place for the goslings to get in the water, so the tenderhearted goose lovers now want to make some special arrangements for them in our wildlife sanctuary. Unfortunately, our wilderness out here is passing as we do our development. And to encourage this family of geese to reestablish their nest next year – that would probably be a mistake, because they always come back.
That’s the goose story....
Not geese, but here's a family of Roosevelt Island Ducks out for a stroll last night.

Hope they watch out for cars, and hungry seagulls.


Anonymous said...

Those ducks have been on the lawn just south of Rivercross for the past few weeks. Many people stop and take pictures or just enjoy watching them. They seem very calm about being near people.