Monday, August 9, 2010

Roosevelt Island Tram Scheduled To Resume Service on September 25 - Tram Station Improvements Approved By RIOC Board Of Directors

Image Of August RIOC Board of Directors Meeting

During their August 4 meeting, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Board of Directors approved the proposed improvements to the Manhattan and Roosevelt Island Tram Stations. Below is the latest presentation made to the Board describing the improvements which include:
  • additional metro card turnstiles
  • increased waiting area space
  • platform canopy for rain and cold weather protection
  • restored concrete surfaces
  • repainted exterior
  • improved station lighting and
  • ADA Compliant restrooms
Tram Station Board Presentation

Questions were asked by Board Members concerning the planned change in the placement of the Roosevelt Island Station turnstiles by removing all of them from the middle of the entry way and instead installing 2 turnstiles each on the north and south sides of the entry way.
Image of Roosevelt Island Tram Station Floor Plan From RIOC

RIOC VP of Operations Fernando Martinez indicated that after consulting with the MTA, RIOC staff concluded that tram passenger circulation flow will be more efficient with turnstiles placed in this manner, particularly with RIOC's presumed increase in Roosevelt Island visitors once the Southpoint Parks are completed. Others are concerned that the new turnstile placement will lead to overcrowding at the north entry way and are skeptical of efficiencies from this set up. I question any significant increase in visitors from the new parks.

Mr. Martinez also reported that September 25 is the scheduled date for the resumption of Roosevelt Island Tram service with one new cabin and the second cabin should be in operation a week later.

Work on the Tram Station improvements will not start until after the Tram is back in operation.

No improvements in the elevator or lift during these improvements.

The web cast of the August 4 RIOC Board Meeting is available here.