Thursday, August 26, 2010

Take A Walk Through The Roosevelt Island Communty Garden - Disabled Accessible Plot Available To Be Tendered Says Garden Club

Image of Roosevelt Island Community Garden

From a 2009 post:
I have never walked through the Roosevelt Island Garden Club area but did so earlier this week. It is really quite lovely, situated between Manhattan Park and the Octagon, Roosevelt Island's tiny version of Conservatory Garden in Central Park.
If you've never visited the Roosevelt Island garden, I highly recommend it and if you have, go again.

Yesterday, I received the following invitation from the Roosevelt Island Garden Club:
I am a member of the Roosevelt Island Garden Club. It's a beautiful and rewarding place to be for everyone to enjoy when the weather is good. There are a few handicap accessible garden areas available. We have a Wait List but at this time none to our knowledge are handicapped. If you know of any handicap person who might be interested in tending a handicap accessible plot please have them write to request an application at: Roosevelt Island Garden Club, P.O. Box 127, New York, NY 10044 or email us at
Image of Roosevelt Island Community Garden

More great pictures of the Roosevelt Island Community garden from Chedpics.


Olivier said...

j'aime beaucoup de jardin sur Roosevelt Island, que j'ai eut le plaisir de decouvrir l'année derniere

Anonymous said...

Very nice and uplifting blog