Monday, August 22, 2011

Roosevelt Island Youth Program Game Night Returns Tonight, Fall Program To Begin In September - Summer Camp Over But Produces A Living Library Garden With Tasty Fruit and Vegetables

According to the Roosevelt Island Youth Program (RIYP):
Youth Center Game Nights Will Reopen
Monday August 22nd, 2011
The Roosevelt Island Youth Program's very successful Game Nights will resume on Monday August 22nd, at 506 Main Street from 6PM to 9PM, new games, more screens, movies and much more as we prepare to launch our Fall schedule. Come join Charlie, Luz, Diego and a whole lot of new characters for some fun and food. The fun never ends at Roosevelt Island's best place to be!!!!
RIYP's Game Night will be available Monday to Thursday August 22nd, to September 1st, then resume again in late October.

RIYP's Summer Youth Camp ended last Friday and their Fall Program begins soon. RIYP reports:
Roosevelt Island Youth Program Camp Over for this Season.

The Roosevelt Island Youth Program Inc. Summer Camp finished on Friday with a pleasant day eating pizza supplied by their counselors and participating in a scavenger hunt and other various activities. This summer we averaged over 200 youth per day for a program that was open from 8AM to 9PM. Participants received breakfast, lunch a snack and if they were in the evening program they got dinner, not bad for free.

The after-school program and evening activities will begin at the Beacon and Youth Center September 12th, 2011 with a full range of activities for youth and adults.  We are in process of adding new programs for the fall and hope you will join us. Remember Soccer starts in September and we are almost filled to capacity so if you want to play sign-up now.

During the summer the RIYP kids also worked with the folks at the Roosevelt Island Living Library planting a garden behind the Youth Center at 506 Main Street and were able to enjoy the fruits and vegetables of their labor.

More Images of the Roosevelt Island Living Library Garden and RIYP Kids available here.


Thomastomtom193 said...

This is great

Romanoreid said...

Wow ! The Youth Program is now starting to become more involved. This is good news.RIOC is also spearheading a program for young adults on Roosevelt Island Fridays and Saturdays from 9Pm -12 Midnight. RIOC has put alot of activities together such as a 50 inch flat panel Television with Netflix attached, Computer stations, Ping Pong tournaments, unlimited access to the basketall courts ,and indoor pool  parties as requested for special occassions, Job readiness courses, Much much more! There is a Registration requirement for young adults who participate to  be be given Id cards to be scanned before entry...I am so relieved my 19 year old has a productive place to go after hours on the weekends..