Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Roosevelt Island's Grandpa Al Lewis Playground Fencing Needs Repair Before Kid Gets Hurt - This Issue and Others Reported To RI 311 See Click Fix For Resolution By RIOC - You Can Report Issues Too

 Image of Grandpa Al Lewis Playground From Roosevelt Island 360

Special Playground Correspondent Roosevelt Island 360 reports on a potential safety problem at Grandpa Al Lewis Playground:
The playground equipment at Grandpa Al Lewis Playground is probably the most heavily used on Roosevelt Island due to its location and popularity to all the local kids. That popularity has taken its toll on the equipment.  And an accident is just waiting to happen.

After the removal of the overhead monkey bars RIOC fenced off the remaining platform securing the fences with plastic straps. Straps that have to endure the pressure of hundreds of kids weekly pulling and pushing upon the fences. At one end of one fence four straps secure the fence. The other side only two. The second fence only has one remaining strap.

It is this fence and remaining strap that will probably soon fail and I believe RIOC should be monitoring and fixing before something happens.

On our way home from the playground we stopped in at Public Safety to report the condition. We'll see how long it takes to be truly repaired. Simply replacing straps is not a long term option.
You can vote to have this condition described by Roosevelt Island 360 fixed by visiting Roosevelt Island 311 See Click Fix

on the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) web site. You can also track how RIOC responds to this issue as well as other issues previously submitted to the site including
  • Was in the Tram and only one side of windows was open (no cross ventilation-hot). It was full so I couldn't get to the operators. When the tram got to the Island I told the operator to open them. He did, but this should be part of the procedure on every shift. Also a slide saying "hot, please ask operator to open all tram windows" would help too.
  • Community Gardens has no power
  • Friends, when approaching the roundabout southward on Main St, there is a roundabout sign, AND an ALL TRAFFIC sign. I think this can be confusing!
  • There are a lot of cars at Motorgate that park outside the parking lines and as a result take up more than one space. Some cars park in the small car areas that are very big and this makes it difficult to get around the turns. Most of the parking lot lines are old, not clear or bright so a solution might be to paint these with a bright reflective paint. Also the rules should be enforced or penalty system agreed to make sure people parking follow the rules.
  • In Motorgate the Zipcar signs are on the ground. It would be easier to see if you put them on the wall or both. Also if you painted the parking lines Zipcar green that would help too!
In addition to voting for and monitoring issues already submitted to RIOC, you can report them as well. So, if you see a problem or an issue on Roosevelt Island that needs to be brought to the attention of RIOC and fixed, click on RI 311, report the issue and then monitor RIOC's response to the problem.

More on the See Click Fix reporting system from previous posts.

Summaries of Roosevelt Island 311 See Click Fix reports appear on the Blog's middle sidebar.


Guest said...

I was actually able to get the city fix the sidewalk on Vernon Boulevard right at Rainey Park through See Click Fix. I was impressed that the right people in the city are monitoring the postings there.

Guest said...

Some of the 88 thousand dollars from TV and Movie shoot fees on RI should go to fixing up the playgrounds and general improvements here! I would like to see how much in one year RI or RIOC makes from movie or tv shoots here...we all suffer from the noise, the bright lights at night, the streets being scuffed up from chase scenes, being pushed aside while they are filming would only seem right that the money would go to help the kids and people of RI to improve our island and our lives.

Guest said...

I believe there should be a playground for kids at the new Southpoint park that just opened and also that the island bus, the red bus should  take island residents and our kids there everyday.

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I believe there should be a playground for kids at the new Southpoint
park that just opened and also that the island bus, the red bus should 
take island residents and our kids there everyday.

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