Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vandals Smash Over 30 Pounds Of Roosevelt Island Squash Grown At Octagon Garden

Image Of Octagon Garden Squash From C. Grant

Received the following report from Octagon Gardener C. Grant:
Prankster Vandals use their baseball bats to squash garden squash. Pieces of 5 large butternut squash (10 lbs) were found by the gardener spread over the baseball field crushed, as if, with a baseball bat. Incident happened at dusk on 9/14-9/15, Friday or Saturday night. Anyone who might have seen this incident please report details to RIers. Four youths in dark blue baseball uniforms were spotted by a resident on Friday night 8pm hitting around something in the baseball field near the garden fence.

Image From C. Grant

Another Octagon Gardener adds:
the vandals did their work between 4:30pm Saturday night and 4pm Sunday. There were three Italian ' trumba', each one weighing over eight pounds and one 10 lb butternut squash.

Many people take the food I grow and eat it; sharing with hungry petty thieves doesn't bother me. The pure destruction and waste of over 30 lbs of food is cause for concern.

We have had more damage and theft by squirrels than anything else, by far, until this destruction. People love looking at the vegetables growing in this garden, they show their kids and have really respected it. Sad comment on the people who did it. They destroyed over 30 lbs of food. 


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