Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hudson Related Begins Construction On New Southtown Tot Lot In Blackwell Park With Improved Equipment, More Shade & Better Surface - Construction Of Riverwalk Building 7 To Begin Soon

Have you noticed the fencing and construction going on in Blackwell Park recently and wondered what is going on?

The answer is that Southtown Tot Lot is being moved to Blackwell Park and replaced with a new one.

Hudson Related's Sarah Willard provides the following status report on the new Southtown Tot Lot starting to be built

in Blackwell Park. Reported previously that the existing Southtown Tot Lot

is being moved to make way for the construction of Southtown Riverwalk Building 7.

According to Ms. Willard:
... our new and improved tot lot has begun! It will be located in a prime recreation spot, Blackwell Park,

and will provide updated play equipment for the under-7 children of the island. Our goal was to improve the play equipment, better the play surfaces, and provide a respite for the parents and caregivers. Not only is the area surrounded by mature foliage (in fact the physical shape of the tot lot was determined in large part by the root system of these large, mature trees), but also we more than doubled the number of benches for the adults. The old play equipment and surfaces were outdated--an image of the new equipment and rubber surface is attached.

The team is really excited about its completion this summer and for the first time ever, my kids think my job is cool.
No completion date is yet available other than this summer but Ms. Willard has previously assured the community that the exisitng Tot Lot will not be closed until the new one is open.

More on Hudson Related's plan for the new Tot Lot at this previous post.


RI guy said...

wow what's with all the whining? The new playground concept pictures look great! And it's not like we haven't all known the new construction is coming. Get over yourselves.

CheshireKitty said...

Kramer clone? Give us break; let us mourn the loss of green space in peace. I'm sure the new construction is great, and the playground concept pictures look great. It's always great - when money will be pouring into developers' pockets once the units are leased. Developers are the enemies of park land. This is what we mourn.