Thursday, July 18, 2013

Are You Ready For Some Football? NY Jets Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes Coming To Roosevelt Island For uStadiums Flags For Foundations Event Benefiting Sickle Cell Disease Families and Research

I know it's incredibly hot outside but ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL. That is Flag football at Roosevelt Island's Octagon Field.

NY Jet Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes will visit Roosevelt Island this Saturday, July 20 for a Flag Football charity event at the Octagon Field benefiting Sickle Cell Disease families and research.

According to Ustadium:
Saturday July 20th, 2013 at 10 a.m.

Join the uSTADIUM Team as they pair up with the Santonio Holmes’ III & Long Foundation for a “Flag For Foundations” Event at Octagon Field in Roosevelt Island!

Roosevelt Island’s Octagon Field
750 Main St
New York, NY 10044
More information including ticket sales here.

UPDATE 7/23 - 

 Santonio Holmes At Roosevelt Island Octagon Field Image From The Jet Press

During Saturday's flag football game, one of the players got hurt. According to The Jet Press:
... there was an unfortunate incident where a player jumped to catch a pass, came down and landed quite awkwardly. So awkwardly, in fact, that he broke his leg fairly severely.

That is when Santonio came in. He can down to the end of the field where the player was hurt, and let the player know that he was going to take care of ALL OF HIS EXPENSES. His medical care, rehab, and whatever else he needs, Tone agreed to foot the bill for all of it....

How about that for “ToneTime”? It was alive and well, and living on Roosevelt Island...