Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Own A Piece Of Roosevelt Island History, Red And White Main StreetRetail Signage Can Be Yours - Hurry Up If You Want Your Piece OfRoosevelt Island Nostalgia

Roosevelt Island's unique red background with white lettering Main Street retail store signage is no more.

Image From Glark

As described by former Roosevelt Island resident and Font Memories Blogger Evan Coyne Maloney:
... one of the more odd aspects of Roosevelt Island still remains: the storefront occupants on Main Street seemed to compete over whose sign would display the most generic and lifeless name:
  • ...and my personal favorite: THE CHILD SCHOOL
The drab brutalist architecture of Main Street, Roosevelt Island and the austerity of Helvetica always made me wonder if that’s what NYC would have “evolved” into had the Bolsheviks taken over here and not in Russia...
You may like and have fond memories of Roosevelt Island's old retail signage. If so, the Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) is giving you the opportunity to own the signage for yourself. According to RIHS President Judy Berdy:
Remember the red and white signs over the Eastwood stores? They are being replaced by a new look.

The sign can be yours!! Contact us at the RIHS and you can own an 11 foot long metal sign. We ask for a donation to the RIHS to help us continue preserving the island history.

The signs must be removed by 7/31. Call us today to reserve your piece of history!!!
The signs are currently being shown in the window at Rivercross on Main Street.

Developer Hudson Related took over Roosevelt Island's Main Street retail corridor as the Master Leaseholder from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) and has been in the process of giving Main Street retail a make over. So far, Main Street Retail Signage looks like this.

Hudson Related's David Kramer promises the Roosevelt Island Main Street retail corridor and signage will look very nice once it is completed.