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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Roosevelt Island Gallery RIVAA Mystical Island Exhibition Opening Reception Tonight 6-9 PM - Come Meet Your Friends And Neighbors And Enjoy The Art

Gallery RIVAA will be holding an opening reception for their new exhibition, Mystical Island,

tonight from 6- 9 PM and you are invited.

Come meet your friends and neighbors at Gallery RIVAA and enjoy the art.

All Images From Gallery RIVAA

Gallery RIVAA's Mystical Island will be exhibited from September 21 - October 27 at 527 Main Street.


Bartley Ridge said...

These topics are so confsuing but this helped me get the job done.

Ratso123 said...

It seems that the stairs where the teens sit is part of the reason they congregate there. With this reasoning you would next try digging up the stairs. Also, it seems that Hudson Related is right in there telling law enforcement what THEY want. What about the residents who use the Deli after 10:00 PM.? The Deli wouldn't be opened that late if they weren't making money.
If PSD can't figure out how to alter the behavior of these teens then they should let NYPD do it. If it were a bar whose customers were acting up after they,left, or if they were buying beer in the Deli and then consuming it outside it would be different. However this does not seem to be the case.

CheshireKitty said...

Certain categories of kids are allowed to hang out/party at all hours - look at what happens in the Village every night, with the NYU students drinking, yelling, barfing on the sidewalks. Or the scene in the newly-gentrifying areas of Brooklyn (soon to be "enjoyed" at a neighborhood near you - LIC). But these crowds inhabit NYU dorms or pricey condos, these crowds, even if they are occasionally noisy/unruly, are seen as hip, and aren't arrested if they hang out. Just take a walk down Bedford Avenue any time - it's a zoo. If residents are filing noise complaints about the cafes/bars etc., nothing is done to disturb the crowds, the police observe them only. They will never disturb those that are somehow identified with money, or the monied class, even if they are doing exactly the same thing the "youth" are doing sitting on the stairs by the deli.

Some "youth" are stopped/questioned/frisked or otherwise suppressed. Others are given a pass. The anti-loitering laws are selectively enforced. The determining factor appears to be money: Those with money are left alone no matter how noisy they get. Those without - are given the boot. This exemplifies BB's anti-poor policies the past 12 years, with the result that a man who more or less based his campaign on opposing BB's "vision", won the Dem primary.

I hope the above analysis, based on income differences = differences in the way the law is applied, doesn't offend anyone. I specifically abstain from mentioning anything at all about skin color, ethnic background, etc. since whenever I bring that up, I'm immediately branded a racist. Consider though, the color of the judge that struck down stop and frisk: Shira Scheindlin! She can't possibly be anti-white because she is white! And, reader, remember: Justice has no color, justice is an "invisible" quality; but the absence of justice is always immediately apparent to all.

CheshireKitty said...

A 9/26/13 Krugman piece on the "thinking" of the 0.01%...

CheshireKitty said...

“We cannot expect prosperity to trickle down from the top. We cannot resign ourselves to the mind-set that says rising inequality is a necessary byproduct of urban success.” Read here how DeBlasio - now suddenly popular with all sectors of society in NYC including the fat cat bankers/developers/financiers -explains his policies to the elite who brought us the "rising inequality":