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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Roosevelt Island Senior Association Open House To Explain Medicare Coverage Choices Thursday, November 14, Questions And Answers With Dr. Jack Resnick - Also NY State Health Insurance Marketplace Explained

Roosevelt Island Doctor Jack Resnick reports:

There's a lot of confusion among people on Medicare about the December 7 deadline for enrollment. Attached is an announcement about an open house the Senior Association is holding Thursday, Nov. 14 that should be of interest to your older readers.

According to the notice announcing this meeting:
Which Medicare Insurance Should You Choose?

December 7 is the last day people on Medicare can choose their insurer. To many, the options are confusing.

The Roosevelt Island Senior Association (RISA) will host an open house at the Good Shepherd Chapel Thursday, November 14, 1-5 p.m. to help with the choice. The event will feature:
  • An explanation of the choices
  • Presentations by insurance company representatives
  • Roosevelt Island community members speaking about their experiences with the different insurance plans
  • On-site enrollment
A Medicare web site allows quick enrollment in the insurance plan of a person’s choice. Volunteers with internet access will help people make their choice and enroll in a plan during this open house session.
Doctor Resnick adds that a similar information session will be held next month on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Last October 8 NY State Senator Liz Krueger hosted a community forum on the Affordable Care Act NY State Health Insurance Marketplace. Here's video of the Forum.

It began with an introduction and overview to the NY State Health Insurance Marketplace

followed by a presentation on the role of Navigators assisting in the enrollment process,

small business enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace and

questions and answers.

Capital New York reported today:
The state health department announced today that nearly 50,000 New Yorkers have enrolled in health insurance plans since Oct. 1, when the state's exchange opened in accordance with the Affordable Care Act.

That total is roughly equal to the number of people from all 36 states relying on the federal government's troubled website who have so far been able to enroll, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, and signifies one of the few bright spots the Obama administration can point to in an otherwise troubled rollout.

New York's number is likely to increase significantly, since some 200,000 people have completed an application and have been determined eligible but have not yet picked a plan, according to the health department.

Of the 48,162 newly insured New Yorkers, 23,653, or a little less than half, have been signed up for Medicaid. The rest have enrolled in private health insurance plans offered through the exchange....
Click here for the entire Capital New York article.


Raye G Schwartz said...

There's been no communication about the progress of the repairs nor about an expected date for full service
to be restored. At the very least, has the NYC Dept. of Buildings been called? I think the work should be stopped until an investigation is made about:
Was the location of the communications lines on the construction drawings, and if they were accurate, why weren't they observed by the contractor?
2. When the conduit with the cables was cut around 10 AM, why were they still digging for the rest of the day?

Businesses on the Island are affected. Monday night Trellis had a sign that they can't take credit or debit cards, Amalgamated Bank's phone lines aren't working (you reach a branch off the island if you call), and you can't deposit or cash checks.

Some other thoughts:
Shouldn't work be stopped until there's a full investigation about why, even if they didn't have accurate drawings, when they cut cables around 10AM on that day they still kept working and digging for
the rest of the day!
Is this going to happen again with bldgs. 8 and 9?
What if the sewer lines back up or there's a flood, such as we had in Superstorm Sandy and they have to dig to clear the lines?
What precautions are being implemented and are the construction drawings being updated?

RIOC has been conspicuously silent about the effect of the communication cable cuts. Other than telling people
about a verizon truck on the plaza so people can get email and internet, etc. (but how would the people who need those services get the advisory if they have
no email or internet...d-u-hhh?), they haven't posted any advisories about what's working and what isn't. And telling people who need 911 that they should go find a yellow call box?

I only found out about Trellis when I went there Monday evening, and that Amalgamated is down when I went to get my mail yesterday and saw my neighbor had just come back very frustrated. And no...I don't want to use the ATM at Duane Reade!
President Indelicato, is this still your “dream job”?