Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Resident Asks What Are The Roosevelt Island Tram Weekend Hours Of Service - The Answer Is...

Reported last Friday the Roosevelt Island F Train was running in both directions that weekend. A reader commented:

I thought there was going to be 2 Trams all day on the weekends, regardless of the F-train schedule. There was and I think there is still only 1 tram running. This is not according to the schedule....
Yesterday, I asked the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Transportation Manager Cy Opperman:
Some residents have expressed confusion over the weekend Tram Schedules particularly when the F Train is not running in one direction or the other.

Can you clarify what the Tram schedule is on weekends - both with normal F Train service and when the F is only running in one direction and if both cabins run on weekends (and during what hours)....
Tram Operator Poma Leitner's Armando Cordova replied:
The Roosevelt Island Tram Weekend Schedule is as follows;


Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday the tram opens @ 06:00 AM.


Fridays and Saturdays the tram close @ 3:30AM

Sundays @ 2:00AM.


In an effort to service our residents during the “F” train weekend service disruptions, especially the times we do not receive any notices from MTA, The Tram is on a permanent weekend rush hour schedule servicing with two cabins Saturdays and Sundays; from 7:00 AM. until 10:00pm.


The tram extend it’s operation until 5:00AM.
Mr. Cordova added that during the weekend rush hour service, the Tram runs every 7 1/2 minutes.


Ratso123 said...

What is the schedule when there is no service disruption of the "F" train. This is what I am most concerned with. It appears that this answer avoids that question.

RooseveltIslander said...

My understanding of the statement is that it is the same whether or not there is a service disruption except when there is a service disruption the hours extend to 5 AM

Ratso123 said...

Thank you for the explanation. That is what I thought. I guess I figured that they would give you a reason why there was only one tram last weekend for a good part of the day.

CheshireKitty said...

Hopefully they've come through on the Cornell issue.

Concerned residents should attend the meeting to find out if the agenda item "Authorization to Enter into Amendment of Contract with Guidepost Solutions, LLC for Public Safety Department Management Services" pertains to implementing the recommendations for PSD reform outlined in the audit or is simply a change to the existing employment contract for McManus.

Concerned residents should read the audit and comment at the Board Meeting on the audit's findings, ask if the specific changes at PSD as outlined in the audit are going to be implemented.

YetAnotherRIer said...

It's on the RIOC's web site:

I thought if somebody is able to post comments on a blog he/she is also technically capable to do a quick Google search or look at RIOC's website. It's no secret. It has been there for almost ever.

Again, the schedule is missing the :52 run for non-rush hour Manhattan departures.

KTG said...

A larger issue is poor service on F line, and even worse the lack of communication from guys in booth.

This Sunday around 4PM there was a service issue with no Manhattan trains for over 30 minutes. No announcement, when I went upstairs nothing posted on the board but the 2 attendants who were on duty acknowledged there is a signal issue (so why not use the whiteboard to warn people before they go downstairs or alert them as they walk in). When I asked why there was no announcement they said speakers where broken and it was not their job to walk down to make an announcement.

Ratso123 said...

My point is this .Sometimes there is NO disruption of service on the F train and 2 trams are running on the weekend. Other times there is NO disruption of service and 1 tram is running. What I want to know is if the train is running both ways, should we expect the 1 tram schedule or the 2 tram schedule?

CheshireKitty said...

That's a very good question. They may be running 2 trams to accommodate increased tourism at certain times of the year such as the Holidays, or summer vacation season.

They may be laying off the disruptions the past couple of weeks for the same reason: It's the Holiday tourist season, the tram is a favorite tourist destination, so having additional riders from RI - forced to use the tram because of train disruptions - is bad for the economy, bad for Roosevelt Islanders, bad for tourists. Also, many of the subway construction workers may be taking time off themselves around the holidays, so easing off on the work pace around the Holidays may be a necessity from that standpoint.