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Friday, December 20, 2013

Spring Like Weekend Weather Brings Saturday Local Law 11 Facade Work For Roosevelt Island Manhattan Park Buildings - Management Apologizes To Residents For Any Inconvenience And Informs No Parking On River Road During Work

A Manhattan Park resident shares this announcement received late this afternoon from the Manhattan Park Management:
Dear Residents:

Due to the inclement weather this week, we have not been able to proceed with the Local Law 11 construction.

We are expecting "spring like" temperatures this weekend, and will be able to take this opportunity to proceed in bringing this project closer to completion.

In order to expedite this, the construction crew will be working this Saturday, December 21, 2013.

Also please note, Parking on River Road will not be permitted during this period.

We understand the inconvenience, and we do apologize, however we must take advantage of the weather conditions in order to complete this project.

Once again we apologize for any and all inconveniences you may have encountered during this period.

Manhattan Park Management
 NYC Local Law 11 concerns:
... inspection of the exterior walls of buildings greater than six stories in height....


Mark Lyon said...

Conducting this work over the holiday weekend, when people may be entertaining guests or attempting to load vehicles for travel, seems particularly insensitive. One additional day of work is not going to jump-start this never-ending project. Sending the message at 5pm just before vacating the office for the weekend was downright cowardly.

I have searched for, but been unable to locate, any weekend variances applied for on this project. Buildings and Environmental rules require a variance for work of this type performed on weekends. Those disturbed by this work should report it to 311.

Sarah Hayden said...

I have been a staunch supporter of the need to complete the Local Law 11 work, and realize management don't want the contractors on the payroll anymore than tenants want the noise, but it has to get done.

But PLEASE reconsider drilling the Saturday before Christmas, when people are scrambling to prepare for the big day. The work has been going on at least 16 months, will one more day truly make a difference.

Greg Goodman said...

Thanks so much for sharing my TV show. It's an honor to be on the site :) 10044-4-LIFE!

OldRossie said...

Has the MP residents association been organized, and if so, is there any communication between it and MP management?

wadawin said...

Bonnie, you must very proud go Greg. He's a terrific guy. D.

Mark Lyon said...

They're at it again. Residents returned home tonight to find signs indicating more work will take place on Saturday. It appears they at least took the time to get a permit for the work:

KTG said...

As much as I don't like the noise while I am home, I do also want my balcony back before spring.