Friday, January 3, 2014

After Today's Snowstorm, Roosevelt Island Sidewalk And Streets Mostly Plowed Or Shoveled But Not Sidewalk Next To Rivercross Lawn

Most of Roosevelt Island sidewalks and streets were shoveled or plowed today

so that pedestrians and vehicles could safely get to

their destination

except for the sidewalk adjacent to the Rivercross Lawn

which as of 4 PM this afternoon

still had not been plowed.


UPDATE 1/4 6:55 PM - A Roosevelt Island Longtimer reported:
The lawn south of Rivercross, and the sidewalk next to it along main street is RIOC's responsibility.

Usually it gets one plowing - sometimes two. Sometime Rivercross staff takes a stab at plowing it.

It has been the site of many, many slips and slides, some broken wrists and ankles, and RIOC usually gets to it eventually.

Bad answer, but historically correct.
The Rivercross lawn sidewalk

was shoveled

when I walked by this morning at about 11 AM.


APS said...

Yes, why? And why is it so poorly shoveled at the subway? The entire Island is RIOC's responsibility, it may not be their responsibility to shovel it all, but they should make sure it is taken care of.

rilander said...

I just looked out my window and there is now a shoveled path on the sidewalk next to the Rivercross lawn. It is wide enough for a skinny 12 year old or a toy poodle!
APS, RIOC's maintenance people claims the sidewalk by the subway is the responsibility of the MTA. We know that's baloney...the sidewalk is on city property leased to the State of NY, and thus is the responsibility of RIOC, especially as it is where there is a bus stop for RIOC's red bus!
Of course not one word has been heard from our wonderful, proactive and caring representatives at RIRA!

Ratso123 said...

The best example of RIOC,s negligence and buffoonery is the erection of 4 fences to block the 2 sidewaiks that are between 455 and 425 Main Street. Why not clean them? A shovel and some rock salt will get it done.

rilander said...

Sure enough, since the sidewalk on the west channel outside the train station was not completely and properly shoveled, it iced over and someone fell:

Mark Lyon said...

That's an excellent photo, but I have to wonder if the cameraman should have warned people about that icy patch.