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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Time Lapse Night and Day Video Of Winter Storm Herucles Seen From Roosevelt Island Balcony - Was Not Even Close To Being As Cold As It Is Today

It's absolutely freezing outside today in New York City. Hope you can limit your time outside and stay as warm as possible.

Here's a time lapse video of a Roosevelt Island Winter Day, January 3, viewed from a Rivercross balcony looking south towards the Queensboro Bridge.

The creator of the video, Radu O explains:

An 150x compressed time-lapse clip of a cold and very windy winter day (January 3, 2014, the first day of Winter Storm Hercules) as viewed from a camera attached to our balcony door, aiming South-East. You can clearly see the Eastern branch of the East River and Queesnboro Bridge (recently renamed Ed Koch, after the late NYC mayor) and, to the left, the Western extremity of Long Island, Long Island City. A full frame HD picture (1980x1200) was taken every 5 seconds, and the frame rate of the clip is 30 frames per second. In the lower left corner you can see the time stamp. The film covers the day between 06:16 (6:16AM) and 17:50 (5:50PM).