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Friday, August 15, 2014

No Manhattan Bound F Train Service From Roosevelt Island Again This Weekend

According to the MTA:
F Coney Island-bound trains run via the M from Roosevelt Av to 47-50 Sts

Weekend, 11:15 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Aug 15 - 18

No Coney Island-bound F service at 21 St-Queensbridge, Roosevelt Island, Lexington Av/63 St and 57 St.


CheshireKitty said...

He had no contraband on him, and did nothing wrong. He probably took off running fearing for his life - probably rightfully so considering what had been going on with over-enforcement on RI at that point, under Guerra.

There was a foot chase. The cops were mad at him no doubt after having to sprint down Main St to MP. Question: If Jones was just standing there doing nothing, why was he a subject they wanted to arrest. We keep returning to the original question. He was just standing there doing nothing, with no contraband, when first confronted by the cops. Why should they confront him if he was doing nothing? They could never come up with the slightest reason why they should want to question him, much less arrest him.

Question: Are any of us subject to arrest on a whim, for no reason? I thought people are arrested *after* they do something wrong. Law-abiding people - that is, those who are doing nothing wrong, minding their own business - don't get arrested.

I don't understand why this young man was confronted in the first place is what I'm asking. Why? If he was confronted for no reason, then any of us can be confronted for no reason. This is where the line has to be drawn - we can't have an enforcement situation where people are target arbitrarily - as in profiling - or for no reason at all, on a whim.

Suppose Jones was waiting for the bus, or had stopped to tie his shoe lace, or to chat with friends. These are all activities that we are supposed to carry out without interference, without being subject to arrest. Is Jones, and young men like Jones, and all of us, whether or not we're young and male, henceforth supposed to think twice about pausing on the side walk? Is this the message we're supposed to internalize from the Jones beating - that it isn't safe to stop even for a second, because you might be confronted and you might be beaten and you might be killed?

I don't accept this - and I know most people don't accept it.

Nobody has been able to come up with a "justification" or even "rationalization" for the Jones beating - simply because there is none. There were no charges pressed - because he had done nothing wrong. He was detained for nothing after suffering a brutal beating. He was mistreated afterwards, his rights denied. This to me sounds like something that might happen under a dictatorship overseas where the rule of law is tenuous or non-existent. This to me sounds like something that might happen if a dictator wanted to deliver a message to the population - to be frightened, very very frightened, because no matter what you do, even if you do nothing at all, nobody will care, nobody will protest, if you too are one day beaten like Jones almost to death. Thus social control is enforced - through fear.

However, this is not our system here in the US. We have legal rights. We are supposed to have accountability. Excessive enforcement is not tolerated - or not tolerated for long, if it does break out. And we expect accountability - we expect those that directed the travesty of the 5 years of over-enforcement by Guerra at PSD, to be held accountable.

NotMyKid said...

Keep guessing? Your cruising in your new RANGE ROVER. haaaannnnnnn.

It's settled. We all know it's settled. Stop the nonsense.

MY SON! said...

No, you can tell her...You want to be

CheshireKitty said...

Rossie: So you are trying to link the attack on Dr. Batra to the improvement in PSD policies since June 2013? The implication is - if we follow your "logic" - that only a "police-state-like" level of "over-enforcement" can maintain security? Is that what you are really saying - that Guerra was right, and that even the glaring, criminal incidents of over-enforcement, were "correct?"

If so, then you need to bone up on the basics of legal rights, and how it is possible to have security without enforcement veering into "police-state" territory.

No - I do not think Dr. Batra's assault was linked to the improvements at PSD since June 2013. I would say PSD needs to deploy PSOs more effectively, more cameras should be installed at isolated areas such as parks, and an outreach/educational campaign should be launched to dispel myths/prejudice and teach brotherhood. These positive/pro-active efforts are not the same as Guerra's over-enforcement policies.

MY SON! said...

You said its" My fault for a pay back"..I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. But I wished this would have happen to your SON.
I would have liked to seen how you would of handle this situation.seeing your son lose so much blood almost having to have a blood transfusion. I would liked to see you take care of him for months and watched your 6 year old run every time she seen a cop cause she witness her brother suffering. I would love to see you cry everyday cause your child was in pain. Walk in my shoes you coward then talk. I'm a damn good mother..put that in you pipe and smoke it.
Go try to be relevant somewhere else oldrossie.
My child might not be perfect just like your kid isn't perfect, but he's mine and as long as I live I have an obligation to my children not you or anyone...what i did any other parent would have done the same exact thing.
And when I find out who you are I will tell you what I really think about you in your face.

CheshireKitty said...

Rossie: That's really uncalled-for: "Still, that's not your son's fault. I might argue it's YOUR fault, but not your son's." It was certainly not their fault that Jones was practically killed. It was the cops' fault - it was over-enforcement taken to a criminal level (assault).

PSD after months of protests by hundreds of residents, a volatile situation that was also spotlighted by the press and taken up by elected officials and activists such as Norman Siegel, was reformed - once Indelicato was appointed, Guerra left and McManus was hired.

The community rallied around those who had been unjustly assaulted and harmed since 2008. The blame? There was more than enough to go around - at PSD, and maybe those who were supposed to be supervising PSD. But don't blame the victims, and don't blame the community. We forced the changeover at PSD for a reason: We were right.

MY SON! said...

Oldrossie probable believes he died from a real asthma attack.smh
You can't win with ignorant people. Black people have been praying for justice praying for their enemies. .how much praying can you do..sometime action is the only way. Then when we take action we're the aggressor..we looking for a pay back.

MY SON! said...

Really that's news to me...If I had a car I would not be texting messages on a Saturday to you..

MY SON! said...

We're you there???

MY SON! said...

Feels like me and my family are being watched maybe in danger.. messages will be investigated.

OldRossie said...

I didn't say you did it for a payday. in fact, I apologized for that implication. But now I'm starting to wonder... guilty conscious?

OldRossie said...

THERE IT IS! the Race card. I'm surprised it took this long!

MY SON! said...

It's not a race card it's the truth.

MY SON! said...

Don't even like that jeep....haaaannnn

MY SON! said...

Your doing way to much. I believe you were one of the ex PSD officers

OldRossie said...

Of course anyone that doesnt agree with you is a racist! Right? Otherwise, you wouldnt have an argument!

CheshireKitty said...

What about Neal and Adib, Rossie? Their mistreatment doesn't "count" - because only young African American males were "targeted?"

The truth is many if not most of the complaints with regard over-enforcement by PSD over the 5 year period when Guerra was in charge were not from African American residents, although some of the most heinous examples were of African American young men being targeted.

So how can you characterize those that complain about PSD over-enforcement during the Guerra years (2008-2013) as racists?

CheshireKitty said...

Rossie: The discussion is about the IG report, which avoided commenting on the grievous injustice suffered by Jones other than in terms of how the arraignment process could have been "made more efficient" or "speedier" as if the phony "trespassing" "charge" was real! There was no ethical reaction to the injustice of the beating offered in the IG letter!

It's as if the Mayor would say about Garner: "Hey we had to collect that cigarette tax - so it didn't matter if Mr. Garner died, just so the City could collect its tax!" Of course the Mayor would never say that! He has more sense than to say that! But evidently, the IG doesn't have enough sense to admit that the beating Jones suffered was WRONG and those that allowed it to happen were WRONG.

Moreover, there were many other complaints about over-enforcement filed with the IG that were also not addressed in the letter. Wouldn't you be up in arms - and justifiably so - if you were the victim of police brutality and your complaint was ignored?

There were enough complaints lodged with the IG to make those that were responsible for the PSD during those years look very bad. I am not naming names - there's no need to - but together with the Torres-Martinez-Chironis scandal, it certainly looks like whoever was running RIOC, was asleep at the wheel.

An agency like RIOC doesn't just run itself. That's why the Governor appoints a Board of Directors. The expectation is there will be some oversight, some judgment applied, some questions asked.

Who was really running things during the years when the police excesses occurred? Was it the Board, was it Shane, or was it Guerra? Because of the way RIOC is structured, it is always easy for each these figures (Board/President/PSD Director) to point the finger at the other, in an unending dance of avoidance of accountability.

This is why the RIOC governance structure is, as I've said before, a recipe for disaster, and we can see the results of the weak governance structure with the Torres-Martinez-Chironis scandal and the 5 years of over-enforcement at PSD under Guerra.

Rush mob said...

CheshireKitty is the "knower of all". Do not waste your time going back and forth with her on issues where she is the "Subject Matter Expert". She was there for the 3 incidents that took place under Guerra's watch - that got negative attention. In all instances she witnessed everything. Never will she comment on the hundreds of positive things that took place during that time - like Crime going down and life saves from the East River. She would rather continue to bring up the isolated few incidents where those involved will never speak of what they did in those instances - only of what they felt PSD did to them. Adib? Really? A grown man with a blue dyed beard, who literally cries, and tells his kids to be afraid of Law Enforcement Officers? Really?

As for MY SON, part of her pursuit was for money, but the main part was so that she would not lose her subsidized apartment over her son's 3rd arrest in 2 years. That's right, check with the NYPD, and you will find that he was arrested twice by them - off the island. Also, he's such a good kid, who was just standing around, but yet he has a "Thug Life" tattoo on his body.

Maybe he was hurt during a scuffle, maybe he was hurt during his flee. But, you will never convince me that the little 4 foot 10 PSD officer beat up a 6 foot 2 wanna be gang member with a "Thug Life" tattoo. Then again, if Cheshire Kitty says that happen, I'm sure she was there to witness it.

NotMyKid said...

Endangered? Investigated?


You put yourself into a public debate. The people here are posting opinions and facts. So? What is there to be endangered from or what is there to be investigated.

Nice easy way for you to back peddle out of here after someone spoke up, or after some put their two cents into the matter.

CheshireKitty said...

The call of justice will not be stilled. The many who filed complaints with the IG are still awaiting answers - over a year later.

Nobody is back-pedaling, Not.

The evidence of a pattern of mistreatment during the Guerra years was way too compelling, way too real, way too wide-spread, to ignore. The mistreatment directly led to the resignation of Guerra, the improvements at PSD under McManus and the departure of a number of the offending PSOs.

The State of NY must have taken the complaints seriously in order for these changes to occur. Now the issue is, why weren't the complaints addressed by the IG.