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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Roosevelt Island Assault In Front Of Westview Apartment Building - Male Victim Struck From Behind Causing Minor Cuts And Lacerations

According to the 8/4 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Report:
8/4/14 - 0028 - 595 Main St. - Assault - PSD/NYPD/EMS responded. NYPD report filed. EMS refused.
A NYPD spokesperson reported that the male victim was struck from behind shortly after midnight, August 4, at 595 Main Street by an unknown number of subjects and suffered minor lacerations.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Director Jack McManus adds that the victim was struck by a group  of teenagers and suffered minor cuts.


APS said...

WTF is going on here? Why isn't there more security presence on the street when we know the crime rate has been escalating on the Island recently. If the Island wants to continue to grow something has to be done now. Enough!

OldRossie said...

Surprise surprise. Assuming the victim was a teenager, and attacked by these teenagers, then who cares. If PSD does anything they'll just be sued by the parents. If however, the victim was a normal person (you know, someone with a job and a life that DOESN'T spend all night loitering on the island), then there's a problem.

CheshireKitty said...

I'm not sure Public Safety is allocating resources effectively. More PSOs need to be patrolling after dark on every section of Main St. If we cannot be assured of safety and security on Main St., with the PSD HQ only a few yards away, something is very wrong.

Imagine if the victim had fallen and busted his head on the sidewalk - and maybe even died. He wasn't even mugged, he was physically attacked for no reason evidently. That means, there is no security - if we can't even walk around on the street after dark minding our own business.

There need to be more cameras, brighter lights along Main St, also increased patrols with at least two cops at all times patrolling some segment of Main St., with at least one cop at all times keeping an eye on Main St in Northtown.

Also, PSD may want to consider installing call boxes, like the Help-point stations in subway stations - that anyone could use to call for help, if they feel at all "threatened" or want police to escort them to either their building or to their workplace (Coler) - not everyone may have the number of PS in their cell phone. The call boxes could also have cameras installed, which might act as a deterrent.

I encourage PSD to consider this concept at least for the more isolated areas of RI such as along the promenades & in the parks. The call boxes could be connected directly to PSD - the caller could be immediately connected to PS to request assistance or report suspicious activity.