Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hudson Related Topping Off 266 Unit Roosevelt Island Riverwalk Building 7 - Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital To Rent 88 Units, Remaining Market Rate Rentals, Building 8 Will Have Large Percentage Of Affordable Units Says Developer David Kramer

Rendering Of Completed Roosevelt Island Rivewalk Building 7

The Hudson Related Southtown Riverwalk building 7 construction site was only a hole in the ground last March 3.

On July 30, developer Hudson Related held a traditional Topping Off ceremony with the construction trade workers, bankers and others to mark the completion of building vertically and pouring the last floor

 Image Of Riverwalk Buiding 7 on July 30, 2014

for the 266 apartment unit, 22 floors, Roosevelt Island Riverwalk building 7 expected to be completed near the end of 2015.

I spoke with Hudson Related Developer David Kramer and Monadnock Construction's Louis Schwartz on the 19th floor

 View From Riverwalk Building 7 19th Floor

after the Topping Off.

Riverwalk Building 7 Topping Off T Shirt Logo

Mr. Kramer reported that the lower four floors of Riverwalk Building 7, comprising 88 units, will be occupied by staff of Memorial Sloan Kettering and the remaining apartments will be market rate rentals.

Mr. Schwartz noted a construction challenge working with the Department of Environmental Protection to relocate a sewer force main, which pumps sewage from the southern portion of Roosevelt Island, during the laying of the foundation. Mr. Schwartz also said that there was no gigantic rock that needed to be broken up as there was for an earlier Riverwalk construction site.

There is no affordable housing component to Riverwalk Building 7 but Mr. Kramer added that the next Riverwalk building, number 8, will have a large percentage of affordable units.

After our interview, I asked Mr. Kramer:
... how will the affordable housing units be made available? Will they be made available to anybody who meets income criteria (with a lottery or some other system) or will they be restricted to some other criteria such as working for a particular institution?
Mr. Kramer replied:
The current plan is to work with the publicly financed programs, not with any particular non-profit institution....
Here's the interview with Mr. Kramer and Mr. Schwartz high atop Riverwalk Building 7.

Mr. Kramer also describes the future layout of Riverwalk buildings 8 and 9.

Here's a rendering of entrance to Riverwalk Building 7

Riverwalk 7 Entrance Rendering From Future Green Studio

and more.


swetepi said...

Who can I contact to find about trying to get on a list for one of the affordable housing units?

RooseveltIslander said...

much too soon for that. Will report when more info available.

Ratso123 said...

According to the article, there are no affordable housing units in building 7, BUT THE NEXT ONE WILL HAVE AFFORDABLE HOUSING. So, in maybe another 3 years or so people can apply for affordable housing in building 8. Or maybe that won't have any either, BUT THE NEXT ONE WILL..

sam1602 said...

What a monstrosity, RIOC has succeeded in overdeveloping RI to the point that it has all the charm and architectural beauty of Chelsea.

OldRossie said...

Hey! Chelsea's a nice neighborhood...

Westviewer said...

I wish!